Gymnastics exercise four: Shin

The Hebrew character Shin

In this exercise, we raise our arms horizontally right, then left, as if we were scything, and we say,
‘May all my ties with evil be severed, for the glory of our heavenly Father.’

We say this formula in our mind as we make the scything movement. This gesture is similar to the letter shin (ש) in the Hebrew alphabet. This letter is at the centre of Jesus’ name. In fact, Jesus’ name in Hebrew, yod heh shin vav heh (הושהי), is made up of the four letters of the name of God, yod heh vav heh (הוהי), to which the letter shin (ש) has been added at the centre.

What connection is there between Jesus’ mission and the letter shin, which is shaped like a trident? The trident is the sceptre of Neptune, the sign of his power over the waters. Furthermore, the depths of the sea were thought by the ancients to be inhabited by monsters, and in psychology they are associated with the abysses of the subconscious, inhabited by dark powers that not only torment humans but threaten to overwhelm them.
Read more about the link with the Hebrew character Shin in the book Bringing Symbols to Life.

Many people stifle the voice within them that aspires to rise higher!
They do not realize to what extent they are bound hand and foot. Because they are not forced to serve a tyrant or to be prisoners or slaves, they think they are free. Yes, but how are they really, deep down? They are often like domestic animals – goats or horses, say – tethered to a post by a rope a few metres long. They are only as free as the rope they are tethered to allows them to move about.

If they want to move to another place, they soon realize they cannot. Of course, no one feels limited if they have no ambition beyond the satisfaction of their material appetites or crude desires, but if one day they happen to aspire to contacting subtler regions within themselves, then they cannot help but notice how bound and powerless they are. True freedom consists in not being held captive by any ties, whether physical or psychic.

What are these negative ties that need to be cut?
The present lifetime of any human being is in large part determined by the nature of the ties formed during previous lifetimes. Yes, the difficulties and torments, satisfactions and successes you encounter now in your physical and psychic life come from these visible and invisible ties you contracted in the past. Knowing that, you must be vigilant and take care when you form bonds.

Whether you are aware of it or not, each day, you are constantly relating with human beings, invisible entities, nature and the whole universe. So, start by reviewing the ties you have already contracted. Decide which are good to keep, and strengthen these, and cut those that are bad.

But cutting ties is a whole science.
You cannot detach yourself from a thing or a being if you have not first taken the precaution of attaching yourself to another. You cannot detach yourself from everything, as absolute detachment does not exist. Whatever you do, you will always be ‘attached’, and that is where you need to have a clear head and be careful.

Are you tormented by a passion or person you want to free yourself from? To succeed, you cannot just decide to be free. The only solution is to try to attach yourself to another activity or person that is the opposite of the one that has you captive. Make an ally of them, and they will act as a beneficial power to help free you from what is tormenting you.

There is no such thing as absolute freedom
The law of attraction rules everywhere, and if you want to free yourself from darkness you have to work with light, because only light has the chemical (or physical) properties to dispel darkness. When you have succeeded in linking yourself to the light, it keeps you within its field of attraction; you can no longer leave it, and the negative ties are cut.

To be continued…

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Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Bringing Symbols to Life – The Gymnastic Exercises
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