Gymnastics exercise six, The Cross

The sixth exercise is performed with the right knee bent and is in two parts. In the first part, you breathe out as you throw your arms forward, and in your mind you say,
‘May all negativity in me be expelled’.

Then, in the second part, you bring your hands back to your face and then open them wide as you breathe out and say in your mind,
‘May all the enemies of the Universal White Brotherhood be put to flight, banished, for the glory of our heavenly Father’.

But be very clear that when we mention the Universal White Brotherhood, we are not thinking of the handful of men and women in the association of this name. The true Universal White Brotherhood is not here below, on earth, but on high: it is formed of all the saints, prophets, initiates and great Masters. These are the glorified souls connecting humanity with the angelic hierarchies. We here on the earth are only, in some ways, a society seeking to benefit from their support and light, so that we can execute their plans.

And when we mention the enemies of the Universal White Brotherhood, be clear about that too: we are not thinking of human beings but of the evil spirits that infiltrate them to fight good and the light. As St Paul says, ‘For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against… the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.’ So, we are not declaring war on humans but on the evil spirits acting through them.

How can these dark spirits be repelled? You will sometimes hear stories of crosses that drive out demons. No, no cross, whether made of wood, iron or gold, has ever driven out demons. The only cross that can put them to flight is the living cross of the human being. For the human being is a cross. When we open our arms wide, we become a cross in space and we connect with the four cardinal points. And the movements we make with our arms in this sixth exercise also form a cross. But to be able to repel everything negative and dark, we have to have worked for a long time beforehand to purify ourselves.

I have shown you numerous methods of purification, particularly methods relating to the four elements – earth, water, air and fire. These elements are also depicted as three crosses on the circle of the twelve signs of the zodiac. You can look out these exercises and practise them.

The four elements are ruled by four angels, and you can also turn to them for help. Ask the Lord for these angels to help you; say to him:

‘Almighty Lord God, Creator of heaven and earth, Master of the universe, I ask you to send me your servants, the four angels.

May the angel of earth absorb all that is unclean in my physical body, so that it can become your temple and express your will.

May the angel of water wash all stains from my heart, so that selfless love can dwell there.

May the angel of air purify my mind, so that it shines with wisdom and light.

May the angel of fire sanctify my soul and spirit, so that they become the dwelling-place of your truth. Amen.’

The purified, sanctified human being is the true cross, the living cross with arms extended, projecting beams of light in space in all four directions.

The three crosses of the four elements (fire, air, water, earth) as depicted on the zodiac.

To be continued…

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Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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