Harmony, Health and the Spritual Journey

Think, feel and act in harmony with the luminous forces and beings of nature and the whole universe. The best form of medicine is that which is practised every day by the way you live, the way you think, feel, believe, love and nourish yourselves.

True spiritualists work for a divine idea and it is this idea that sustains and rewards them. Yes, for it is directly linked to Heaven; it is a world in itself and it takes upon itself 



them with 

joy, enthusiasm 


hope. If you do not work for a divine idea, even if your other activities bring in a lot of money, you will not possess joy or happiness because you will not have this link with Heaven. But if you work for a divine idea, even if no one ever says thank you or acknowledges what you do, you will always feel fulfilled.
It is 

important that you 


this. Anchor a divine idea in your head, work for a divine idea, and you will see what that idea can do for you: it will improve your whole existence, it will even prolong your life!

The Laws of Harmony are the most solemn laws of the universe. Think about this, meditate and observe yourself and your reactions and see what state you are in when you act; then you will understand why, in certain cases, you fail to get good results. Read more.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
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