Our Higher Self has three means of expression, Part 3/4

Two natures, lower and higher, exist within all human beings and are called by Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov the personality and the individuality.

The personality, egocentric and self-interested, versatile and unreliable, cruel or obsequious (whichever is to its advantage) thinks of everything in terms of its own pleasure and personal enjoyment. The Latin word ‘persona’ from which stems personality, is the mask worn in the theatre indicating disguise, deception, duplicity.

The individuality stands for man’s indivisible nature, the pure and simple essence of the Spirit without which he would not exist.

Our two natures each have three means of expression; thought, emotion and action
The personality and the individuality have the same structure, that is, both are triads with three means of expression: thought, emotion, action.

On the lower level of the personality, the mind is the seat of erroneous thinking, of ruse and craft, the heart is the seat of feelings of hate and possessiveness, and the will is the seat of violent and destructive action.

In the higher triad, the individuality, the mind is the centre of thoughts of universality, it knows the great laws of existence and uses them to light its path toward a life of brotherhood, of benefit to all; the soul (heart) is the centre of feelings of generosity, compassion, forgiveness, of worship and praise toward God; and the Spirit (will) is the centre of creative action, of liberation from the shackles of the personality, it revives the inner world of all creatures and reanimates the feeling that all creatures belong to God.

Our two natures correspond and are meant to be united
By this identical triad formation, the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov shows that our two natures correspond, and are meant to be united. The power of the higher nature is at its greatest when it expresses itself through the lower nature’s thoughts, feelings and actions, thus realizing the unsuspected power of the soul and Spirit.

In the same way, if you want to reach God, you must mobilize all the energies of your lower nature, make the raw sap rise up the inner tree to feed the leaves, flowers and fruit of the higher nature at the top.

When our two natures are united, our energies flow and we become like the sun
When the circulation is allowed to flow uninterruptedly between the lower and higher natures, it gives us the fullest use of all our faculties… that is when the great change takes place and we become like the sun! The sun shines on one and all alike with complete lack of prejudice, the sun warms all creatures with a love that is pure and disinterested, and the Spirit of the sun vivifies and creates all things.

The sun, centre of our planetary system, origin of all life on earth, has been effecting endless transformations over millions of years, pushing mankind toward an ever increasingly complex order. The inner sun of our individuality is all-powerful as far as our earth, the personality, is concerned.

To be continued…

Complete Works Volume 11, Key to the Problems of Existence
From the foreword by Agnes Lejbowicz

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