The Holy Grail and building our inner sanctuary, Part 3/7

“A disciple’s dearest ideal is to become the Holy Grail and contain and condense the love of Christ. But to achieve this ideal, they must work on their own matter; they must refine it, make it subtler and more precious so that it becomes capable of vibrating in harmony with the spirit. This is the harmony that exists in every region of space, thanks to the activity of the two principles. A reflection of this harmony exists in the life of human beings in the form of choral singing: when male and female voices rise together and become one in space, life bursts into flower, water gushes from springs.

The only way to prepare yourself to receive the cosmic spirit is to practise harmonizing yourself with the cosmos. Before you begin any new work you should look to left and right within yourself and take stock of the situation. If there is a lot of noise and commotion, you must stop before going any further and, as head of state, do what needs to be done to restore order and peace among your citizens.

When you sense that things have calmed down, then you can project all your strength, all your thoughts and feelings, into the whole cosmos. This harmony, this union, releases tremendous forces, which you can use to continue your work. For, if energy can be released by the disintegration of matter – the most common method – it can also be released by fusion. Initiates work with this second method; they fuse with heaven through meditation, prayer and contemplation, and this fusion releases powerful currents of forces which they can use for their own benefit and that of others.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov – ‘The Fruits of the Tree of Life’, Vol. 32
The Holy Grail, Chap. 24
Lecture given at the Bonfin, France, 12 August 1961 –

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