How our Aura is formed, Part 2/7

‘Our aura is formed by our emanations, and not only the emanations of the physical body, they would not be sufficient to form the aura. The aura is far more complex than that; it is a combination of all the emanations of all our subtle bodies, each of which, by adding its own unique emanations, contributes its own shades and tints to the whole.

A person’s etheric body forms an aura which penetrates and interweaves with that of his physical body, and the combined aura of their physical and etheric bodies tells you exactly how healthy and vigorous they are. Their astral and mental bodies, depending on their activity or inertia, their qualities or their weaknesses, add their own special emanations, their own colouring, to this first aura, thereby revealing the nature of his thoughts and feelings. And the Causal, Buddhic and Atmic bodies, once awakened, add yet other, brighter, more luminous colours and other, more powerful vibrations.

The aura, therefore, is a blend of all the different emanations of every aspect of a human being. Just as the earth’s atmosphere is permeated with the combined emanations of plants and rocks, of water and mountains and of all the forces flowing from planets and stars, the human aura is a vast, rich synthesis of all that is in man.

As I have said, minerals, plants and animals also have an aura, but theirs is a purely physical aura. Minerals, metals and crystals give off certain forces which form a sort of miniature, coloured magnetic field around them. The aura of plants is more intense and animated than that of minerals. The aura of animals is richer again, because animals have an astral body, the body of desire.

Generally speaking, animals have not yet begun to develop their mental body, although biologists do detect a certain capacity for thought in some, such as dogs, horses, elephants, monkeys and dolphins. It is a very rudimentary form of thought, of course, but through constant contact with men, animals begin to develop their mental body; the care and affection of human beings contribute greatly to their evolution.

As for human beings, they are developing their mental body at a prodigious rate at the moment; true, they don’t always do so in the right direction, but those who know how to guide and control their thought strengthen their auras tremendously.

Then there are the Saints, Prophets and Initiates: their attitude of adoration and their love for the Creator cause their Causal, Buddhic and Atmic bodies to form an aura of dazzling splendour in which colours swirl and flow in ceaseless movement, like a glorious display of fireworks. The aura of a Master is immense; it is said, in fact, that Buddha’s aura extended for several leagues. Yes, a great Master can project his aura to such great distances that he can take a whole region under his protection and, at the same time, penetrate and intermingle with the aura of all those who live in that region, and breathe new life into them.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Les Monts-de-Pully (Switzerland) 22 May 1960

Compete Works Volume 6, Harmony
Chapter 12. The Aura

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