Each human being is a temple, Part 6/7

So many truths still remain to be revealed to you! But they will all come in time; be patient! There is much still to be understood about what men and women are; of their structure, of the forces at work within them, or of the way they must live in order to be true tabernacles of the living God, New Jerusalems. It is toward this that I have been leading you for years and years: that you become New Jerusalems.

And those who refuse to understand today will be obliged, whether they like it or not, to understand in the long run—but by then it will be too late. Many human beings are completely indifferent to what might be happening behind their gates.

A man is satisfied as long as he has a woman who will let him enter. He neither knows nor cares whether what goes in is demonic or not. And the woman neither knows nor cares whether what she lets in is received by a demon or by an angel. But one day they will be obliged to take the question seriously, for it is very important.

‘I saw no temple in the city, for its temple is the Lord God the Almighty and the Lamb.’ Once again we have the confirmation that the New Jerusalem is a temple, and this means that each human being is a temple. As St Paul says, ‘You are the temple of the living God.’

The New Jerusalem is the new human being in whom all is gold, pearls and precious stones. And the light shines within. Each one of you must become the New Jerusalem. For two thousand years there has been a succession of occult groups that claimed to be the New Jerusalem—and there are still some today.

But how can anyone delude themselves that they are the New Jerusalem when these things are still so far beyond their comprehension; when they are still prisoners of the old forms; still looking for the keys to the book of life? Only those who have these keys, the seven seals—those who have a profound understanding of the Scriptures—can be the New Jerusalem.

To be the New Jerusalem it is not enough to be able to trot out a few scraps of initiatic science while continuing to be as fearful, weak, irresolute, and vicious as ever. No, we can all become the New Jerusalem, but only with the help of this new light which opens all doors, and which must produce visible results. If you possess knowledge, there must be results to show for it. If there are no results, it means that your knowledge does not amount to much.

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Sèvres, January 4, 1959

Complete Works Volume 26, A New Dawn, Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science
Chapter 6, The New Jerusalem

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