‘I am a child of the sun’

…”I am not interested in my past lives. I only know that I have thousands of years of experience. Where and when I gained this experience does not matter much, but I can simply tell you that all I have learned is present here in the teaching about the sun which I bring you. How many things I speak to you about that I never read in any book! Nor did I hear them from the mouth of Master Peter Deunov. So, where did I find them? The sun revealed them to me. For me, the sun is above all other Masters. The sun is my Master; it is the sun that lights my mental universe, and the sun is not only my Master but also my father.

So, if you really want to know who I am, this is what I am: a child of the sun. I feel that I am the son of the sun. You will say: ‘Son of the sun; that’s the title of the emperor of Japan.’ I know. What I do not know is what meaning that title holds for him, or whether he even still has it. But, for myself, I know what it means to be a son of the sun.

I dedicated the Brotherhood to the sun, but it is up to each one of you to decide if you want to be inhabited by solar beings. If you accept, they will be overjoyed! They will see an awakened being in you, and they will sing, ‘At last, we, the powers of heaven, can enter into these souls and work with them. Now these souls are born into the light, we can manifest our light through them,’ and they will inspire your actions, your words, your looks and your smile.

Never forget, however, that you are living beings, not mere objects, and so nothing at all within you remains immovable. Life exposes you to all sorts of currents; it will jostle you about, and you may lose your direction. I have dedicated you to the sun. God himself heard and received my words; the spirits that surround him and serve him also heard and replied, but it is you who must renew this consecration, each day, through your thoughts and your wishes, so that you maintain your solar orientation.”

Omraam  Mikhael Aivanhov –
A living Book, Autobiographical Reflections 1


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