Improve ourselves and improve the world

The whole world talks about change, the whole world wants change, yet nothing ever changes. Why? Because human beings need a beacon such as Initiatic Science to show them clearly what change actually is, and what must be done in order to bring it about.

Real change begins when a person succeeds in installing peace, order and harmony within themselves – dynamics that set in motion a continual, uninterrupted movement towards perfection. Our inner world is a field of battle, a stamping ground for our conflicting tendencies: our generous impulses versus our selfishness, our disinterested thinking versus our self-interested calculations, our personal ambition versus the good of all.

As soon as the mind chooses a certain course, the heart raises objections and vice versa, and our behaviour is erratic and contradictory because of this inner conflict. A coherent line of behaviour resulting from the harmonious link between thoughts, emotion and action, is to be found only in beings with exceptional strength of character, who are completely dedicated to a glorious cause.

This alone gives the ability to dominate and control the inner world and, because of that control, bring about a real change in the external world. However, as soon as this highly evolved being disappears, if there is no one to carry on his way of thinking, the change they effected wears away little by little until it too disappears.

Only a person who has succeeded in improving themselves can bring about the changes that will improve the world.

Complete Works Volume 11, Key to the Problems of Existence
From the foreword by Agnes Lejbowicz

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