A new Pasteur with instruments to explore the invisible world

Image: Louis Pasteur

‘In what concerns the psychic and spiritual realms, human beings are still living in the era before Louis Pasteur, when people refused to take any precautions against microbes that they could not see. Today’s scientists do not study the invisible world because they believe that the instruments they need do not exist. They are mistaken, the necessary instruments do exist; in fact they are far more precise and accurate than those used to measure the phenomena of the physical plane.

In chemistry and physics one has to allow for a margin of error. You cannot measure the weight of a substance to within one electron, for instance. Whereas in the science of the invisible world, every electron is counted, weighed and calculated. Accuracy is absolute.

Yes, life can be studied. In fact, the inner spiritual life can be known with even greater accuracy than can be achieved on the physical plane, on condition, of course, that our instruments of absolute precision, our relevant spiritual organs, have been developed.

Humans have not developed their spiritual sense organs

Until we have developed these spiritual organs, we do not have the right to deny the reality of the invisible world. As a matter of fact, humans have not developed even their physical organs to any great extent. Some animals can see, hear, smell or sense certain odours or ultrasonic waves, certain radiations of light or signs of coming storms, earthquakes or epidemics, that man is incapable of perceiving.

All those scientists who see themselves as a universal yardstick, the sole arbiters of truth, fail to realize that, in doing so, their own limitations become an insurmountable obstacle to any further progress, not only to their progress but to that of the whole of humanity.

Why do people systematically doubt explorers of the spiritual realm?

How is it that everybody believes travellers who come back from the other side of the world and tell of the countries they have explored, the rivers that flow through them and the people who live in them, whereas they refuse to believe those who try to tell them about the spiritual regions that they have visited? Those who explore the physical world could be lying, and yet people believe everything they say, while they systematically doubt the word of those who explore the invisible world.

One day soon, perhaps a new Pasteur will come

Before Pasteur people refused to take any precautions against microbes that they could not see. They cannot see these undesirables—the microbes of the psychic plane—so they take no precautions against them. Perhaps, one day soon, a new Pasteur will come, with new instruments that will enable us to see the astral entities that ravage imprudent human beings. In the meantime, you would do better to admit that they exist, and above all, take measures to defend yourselves against them by leading reasonable, sensible lives.’

An interesting article posted last year on the subject of mediumship, clairvoyance and telepathy.


Omraam Mikahel Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 228, Looking into the Invisible, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Dreams
Chapter 1, The Visible and the Invisible

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