The Invisible World, how can we doubt it?

‘Most men and women think that the notion of an unseen world peopled with innumerable invisible beings that are just as real, and often a great deal more highly evolved than those they rub shoulders with every day, is too far-fetched, too ridiculous to be taken seriously. To their way of thinking, anything that cannot be perceived by human beings or by one of the highly sophisticated instruments used by scientists simply does not exist.

Love is invisible, but how can we doubt its existence?

If people categorically refuse to acknowledge the existence of the invisible world it simply proves that they have never really thought about it. Have they ever seen the thoughts and feelings that occupy them all day and all night? Of course they haven’t… and yet it never occurs to them to doubt that these thoughts and feelings are absolutely real. Does someone who is in love doubt the existence of their love? They cannot see it, they cannot touch it, and yet they are ready to move heaven and earth because of it. Is that logical?

Actually, although they don’t realize it, human beings believe only in what is invisible, intangible. The reasons for which they think, feel, love, suffer and weep are always invisible, and yet they continue to insist that they don’t believe in the invisible world. What a contradiction!

People never doubt the reality of what they think and feel; for them, it is the absolute truth. In a way they are quite right, for how can anyone doubt the reality of a sensation that causes them to cry out in joy or anguish?

The invisible world is as real as the visible world

Inner realities are the only things that are not open to doubt. In fact, inner realities are living entities, and this is why the Initiates tell us not only that an invisible, intangible world exists, but that it is the only reality. Of course, this ‘invisible world’ is not entirely invisible. To Initiates it is visible, substantial and tangible, and it is peopled by creatures, currents, lights, colours, forms and scents which are far more real than those of the physical plane. Initiates know and study the realities of this world.’

To be continued…

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Omraam Mikahel Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 228, Looking into the Invisible, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Dreams
Chapter 1, The Visible and the Invisible

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