‘Izgrev’ the Brotherhood centre in Sofia

‘Izgrev’, Sofia, under construction in the 1930s

Izgrev—‘Rising Sun’ in Bulgarian—was an extensive property acquired by the fraternity of Peter Deunov. It lay on the outskirts of Sofia near Boris Gardens, one of the largest parks of the city. Close to the entrance they built a white house with a lecture hall and a private room for the Master. Over the years, as more and more disciples wished to live together in a fraternal setting, several smaller houses had been built in the grounds. Each had a small flower garden, and the absence of fences or hedges preserved the overall impression of one large park. As the years passed the fraternity at Izgrev expanded, and more and more visitors came, sometimes from afar, to see this experiment in collective living and meet the Master whose influence was so great.

When Mikhaël approached Izgrev after a forty-five minute tram ride through the city, he could always tell whether Peter Deunov was there or not. When he was there, the very air seemed to vibrate, the enthusiasm that animated the community was palpable. When he was absent it was as though the sun had disappeared from the sky. Mikhaël, struck by these observations, concluded that the presence of a Master kindles a more intense life in the hearts of his disciples.

Izgrev, some years later, with gardens established

Mikhaël was now thirty, and he continued to listen to every word his Master uttered with the loving attention he had shown at seventeen. His only desire was to deepen his understanding of the great truths of Initiatic Science. The Master had already imposed many ordeals on him, each more arduous than the last, but he had also let him see that he was satisfied with his work. Not many years later it was Mikhaël he would choose from among thousands to carry his teaching to France.

At about this time, in his usual enigmatic way, Peter Deunov gratified Mikhaël with a public expression of approval. Interrupting himself in the middle of a lecture, he said: ‘Brother Guirev is tuned to long waves, while brother Mikhaël operates on short waves.’ Brother Guirev was an intellectual, a veritable encyclopedia, who liked to show off his learning. In referring to the longer wavelength of red, the color of materialistic science, in contrast to the short waves of violet, which represent the spiritual world, Peter Deunov had described the most prominent and the most self-effacing members of the fraternity.

The message was addressed to both, and having uttered it, he went on with his talk. Violet light, that with the shortest wavelength and the highest frequency in the solar spectrum, was a constant source of inspiration for Mikhaël.

To be continued…

Louise-Marie Frenette,
Extract from The Life of a Master in the West  (Amazon, ‘look inside’)
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