The law of responsibility

If we know how to work, we can help all human beings around us to evolve. But our weaknesses can also do a lot of harm to others. Disciples must be aware of their responsibilities, feeling that they are a link in a great chain and that nothing that happens in their thoughts, feelings and actions will be without consequence.

In reality, our responsibility is not only toward beings that are outside of ourselves, but also toward our cells. For the invisible currents must pass through us first before they reach others. Therefore whoever intends to be kind will be the first to benefit from his kindness, and one who is wicked, poisons himself first. You may say: “I am furious with this one or that one and I will get angry.” Well, it is you who will be impacted first. The basis of any healing, any evolution, any perfect life is understanding this law of responsibility – first toward our cells, and then toward all other human beings.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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