Learning from the intelligence of Nature, Part 2/4

The kingdom of God has to be established first of all as a light, as intelligence in the minds of human beings. Secondly, it will enter the heart as a sensation, as happiness, and finally, it will descend to the physical plane where it will manifest itself as abundance and peace. This is possible. I am working for this. The only trouble is that there are so few people who understand me.

Most people cling to their old, antiquated ideas. They say, ‘It is impossible! People will never change. Just look at them. Do you need any further proof?’ Well of course, I am not blind. I can see what goes on in the world, and I know better than anyone that if this state of affairs endures the kingdom of God will never come. But I also know that once you accept the philosophy of the initiates everything becomes possible.

Nature’s sublime intelligence has foreseen everything and has the solution to all our problems
The way in which the intelligence of nature has designed and constructed human beings teaches us an important lesson. If a person is fit and healthy, it is because all their organs are willing to live and work together in an unselfish spirit of brotherhood and generosity. If all the countries in the world did the same the kingdom of God would be possible.

Why do human beings refuse to seek guidance from the intelligence of nature, that sublime intelligence which has foreseen everything and has the solution to all their problems? Why do they continue to look for answers from other human beings? People will listen to you if you quote from this scholar or that scientist but not if you quote from nature.

The difficulty of any activity depends on who undertakes it 
They say: ‘What is all this nonsense? Who ever heard of nature having intelligence? What makes you think that?’ It is because of this attitude that they fail to advance. When they are willing to learn from nature, it will be easy to achieve the kingdom of God; until then, they will continue to struggle unsuccessfully with all their complicated problems.

Actually, no undertaking is inherently either difficult or easy; it all depends on who attempts it. Something that is difficult for an animal is easy for a man; and something that is difficult for a man is easy for an initiate. The difficulty of any enterprise depends on who undertakes it.

Many people complain at something that makes others smile. It is very difficult for someone who has never smoked and who hates the smell of tobacco to start smoking; while others find it all too easy to smoke… and so terribly difficult to give it up.

It would be impossible for an honest man to pick somebody’s pocket; but it is equally impossible for a pick-pocket to refrain from doing so. For some people, therefore, it is very difficult to establish the kingdom of God, but for me it is very easy. Give me people who are really capable of understanding me and you will see what I shall do.

Our education is deficient because it is not based on an understanding of the nature of human beings
Human beings will find no solutions to their problems without a knowledge of their own nature. So far, the only thing they understand about themselves is their physical dimension, and this is why the solutions they apply are no more than palliatives. They often have the impression that they have solved a problem only to find shortly afterwards that the solution itself has caused other problems.

Medicine is a case in point: very often the treatment for one illness causes another. And in the field of education it is the same thing: with all the improvements in the material equipment of schools, do children learn to lead better lives? No, education is deficient because it is not based on an understanding of the nature of human beings.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

To be continued…

Complete Works Volume 26, A New Dawn, Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science
Chapter 5, The Kingdom of God

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