A Letter from the Master Peter Deunov, Part 2/7

The three systems – egocentric, biocentric and theocentric – are found all throughout nature: in the stones, the plants, the animals, the stars… But we will study them particularly in humans.

I told you earlier that within us these three systems have their seat in the stomach, in the heart and lungs, and in the head. But they are also represented on the face: the egocentric system in the mouth, the biocentric system in the nose and the theocentric system in the eyes.

  • By the mouth, humans constantly introduce into themselves the foods which serve for their own preservation.
  • The nose… In animals, it is the sense of smell that serves to establish the first contact; and even in humans, it is said that it is ‘the smell’ that rules their relations with others! It is also through the nose that life enters beings thanks to the air. It is said in Genesis that God breathed a living soul into man through the nostrils. We breathe through the nose, and breathing is life.
  • As for the eyes, they are the representation of the theocentric system, because it is with the eyes that one contemplates light, truth, and beauty.

These correspondences, in reality, are not absolute, because following its manifestations, each organ can represent one of the three system: ego-, bio- or theo-centric. Take the case of the mouth: it represents the egocentric system when it eats chicken, ham, and blood sausages, but it represents the biocentric system when it addresses other beings in conversations and exchanges, and the theocentric system when it speaks of all that is elevated, sublime and gives meaning to life. The same can be said for the other organs: we equally find in them the three levels of activity.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

To be continued…

And now I would like to read to you some passages from the book; The Sacred Words of the Master.

Intense is the life of a disciple! They go through deep joys and sorrows that the world does not know. It is the sorrow of all the seeds buried in the dark earth and the joy of all the flowers that have sprouted and are blooming in the light.

Truth excludes all pleasure. Wisdom excludes all lightness. Love excludes all violence.

The disciple lives in the light. It is the only real world. The shadow is not real. Seek light that is without shadow. Avoid all thoughts, all feelings that are likely to bring darkness into your consciousness.

Know yourself only as a soul. Think of yourself as a living soul who aspires to unite with God.

Contemplation is all those sacred moments in which sublime images take possession of a disciple’s consciousness. Contemplation is essential to a disciple so that they can see clearly within themselves and act accordingly.

A disciple always hears God in their soul. All fear then disappears and a deep peace reigns within them. They are free.

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