A Letter from the Master Peter Deunov, Part 5/7

‘Let us take a quick look at the movement of the comets, planets, and suns. Comets have an irregular trajectory. The trajectory that describes the planets is a spiral. As for the trajectory that describes the suns, we can say that it is a circle whose center is at infinity.

If we look at human beings, it is in their limbs (legs and arms) that we find the irregular line. The spiral, it is in the torso: the thoracic cage with the movements of inhalation and exhalation, the two venous and arterial circulations. It is the life of the planets with the alternation of days and nights…

And the circle is the head that symbolically represents the movement of suns around the center: God, the infinite. This means that the people in the egocentric system live in the arms and legs of the Cosmic Man, Adam Kadmon, as the Cabbalists call him. Those connected with the biocentric system live in his heart and lungs. Those connected with the theocentric system live in his head.

If we now look for these three systems among the insects, we find that the spider is the symbol of the egocentric system, the ant that of the biocentric system, and the bee that of theocentric system. Many other insects can represent these three systems, but these three examples will suffice.

The spider lives in solitude, it attracts flies, and when one of them is caught in her web, she runs to find it at center of her ‘system’, the web, to eat it. The ants, although they still belong to the egocentric system, have already entered the biocentric system: they live grouped and organized into societies.

But the bees go further, because the purpose of their work is to give something precious to other beings of an evolution superior to theirs. Spiders and ants work only for themselves while bees make food for humans.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Extract from a lecture – Paris, April 2, 1938

To be continued…

And now I would like to read to you some more passages from the book; The Sacred Words of the Master, by Peter Deunov …

From the outside, no one can pervert you, unless you allow it yourself. It is the great freedom given to human beings by the first Principle.

A disciple loves the flowers blooming in their soul. These are their beautiful thoughts, their noble sentiments, their good deeds. They tend them with great care and do not allow the frost – sin – to damage them. The disciple cares for the flowers blooming in their soul!

The aspiration to purity is the aspiration to love. It reveals that a human being has left their mundane life to lead a higher life. As soon as a disciple acquires purity, the first ray of love enlightens them. Then the luminous life of great souls appears before them, a life to which the human soul is predestined. This is the work of God Himself.

For humans, it is noble to serve God and to remain in His love!

The source that springs from the summits waters everything along its course. If you want to help humanity, first take care to reform your life. You then act according to the law of the source.

Humility is a great pure source in life. Be humble always and keep in your soul everything that comes from this source!

The immense is beyond the material. The true, the sublime in life is the invisible. Thus, the disciple renounces little by little their attachment to all that is material and transient. They then enter the world where the light reigns. There the Master is well understood and the life of the disciple shifts to a new and superior life. This can be done in an instant. It depends on the disciple.

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