A Letter from the Master Peter Deunov, Part 6/7

‘The word ‘theocentric’ does not mean that everything converges uniquely towards God, but that each manifestation of the being transcends the personality. And the activity of bees surpasses their personality since they prepare honey for men. It is not “for God” that they do it, but it is no longer solely for themselves. It is an impersonal act, which enters into the theocentric system.

Some will object that bees prepare honey for themselves and that men steal it. It is understood, but in reality, nature prompts them to prepare honey for men. Similarly nature encourages trees to prepare their fruits to nourish creatures other than themselves.

You see, the term “theocentric” does not imply necessarily one ‘who has God at the center’, but it can apply to any truly selfless act. There are people who, without being religious, without even believing in the existence of God, have a conduct more noble and disinterested than many religious believers who think of God.

These people pray to Him but remain immersed in their egoism and their petty calculations. What matters are the intentions and motives deeply hidden within each being. It is these motives that classify them in one system or another.

According to their degree of evolution, human beings either revolve around themselves, around their family and society, or around God. Revolving around oneself is the worst condition, because the circle thus described is extremely limited and tightens more and more each day. Turning around one’s family or society does not yet represent the best conditions for development, although the circle described is much larger.

The best conditions are realized when we turn around God because, little by little, the links with the earth unravel and we feel ready to launch into space, to travel the universe. The great Initiates are free to leave their bodies because they live in the theocentric system. Their inner movement is so intense that nothing can impede them and restrict their actions.

There are therefore several kinds of love and each is characterized by the extent of its field of action. We can thus distinguish love of oneself, the love of one’s family, the love of one’s country, the love of one’s race, the love of humanity, and the love of the Creator.

In each of these forms of love, the circle expands, the field of action continues to extend. In the egocentric system, there is only one path, one direction: descending to the center of the earth. The biocentric system, presents two possibilities: left or right, down or up, forwards or backwards. But in the theocentric system there are numerous paths, unlimited choices: it is total freedom.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Extract from a lecture – Paris, April 2, 1938

To be continued…

And now I would like to read to you some more passages from the book; The Sacred Words of the Master, by Peter Deunov …

As long as the small branch blowing in wind remains firmly attached to the tree, there is no danger for it. Danger appears as soon as it detaches itself. When a disciple lives for God, they are the little branch that is well attached to the tree.

Any transitory form is an unfinished picture on which the divine spirit is working. The disciple strives to see only good everywhere and in everyone.

Birth is an uninterrupted process. It is necessary that a disciple be born every day in a new world; that is to say they acquire a new conception of love, a greater knowledge of the service of God, a deeper vision of His impenetrable ways. The spirit of God visits the disciple every day and tells them a new word. This brings purity into their consciousness and transforms them entirely. It raises their thoughts. Wait each day for that visit of God!

When the soul of the disciple awakens to God, it is free. And the disciple must not limit it by the captivity of the body. The law of karma limits human beings, but as soon as they begin to live for God, they enter into grace, into love. And here they are already free.

In nature, all forms are symbols of an eternal ideal world. They are the book in which the disciple reads what God has written. The disciple begins their instruction by studying nature: springs, grasses, flowers, mountains… This is where they seek the right methods of life and purity.

By thought, the disciple is always surrounded by a wall of light. They must keep their aura impenetrable to the influences of what is transient. It is while thinking of God that they nourish their aura of divine light.

Let disciples drink only water from the source. May they suffer from thirst rather than drinking impure water.

What you think of, you receive within. Think often of truth, love, wisdom, equality, and virtue: then they will abide within you. The water that comes from these depths is pure.

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