A Letter from the Master Peter Deunov, Part 7/7

‘In the Annals of humanity are conserved the information concerning the fall of the first human beings. With this occurred, all of creation was dragged into the fall: the animals, the vegetation, and even the earth. And it was at that moment that the axis of the earth tilted, forming an angle of 23 degrees, 27 minutes from its original position. (see diagram)

The fall of humanity has therefore resulted in the inclination of the earth’s axis, which has led to a change in the position of earth’s magnetic and electrical currents. And at the same time, the human heart, which was once placed exactly in the center of the torso, tilted its tip to the left.

Now, the earth’s axis is returning to its original position, and this movement is going to cause great telluric transformations. The plants will then produce fruits imbued with new strengths and virtues that drawn from the mineral kingdom. The animal kingdom will also go through modifications because of those which will have occurred in the plants, and it will be the same for human beings.

For the moment, none of these transformations appear yet, they remain hidden, and only sensitive beings perceive them. But before the axis of the earth returns to its original position, humanity will go through great trials in order to be purified. Later, all will become luminous: the stones, the water of the rivers, and matter will become transparent.

For the moment, the vegetation, fruits and vegetables we eat are imbued with negative forces. The earth is a large cemetery sprinkled with the blood of human beings and impregnated with their crimes. Those who labor in the fields and work the gardens do it too often without love, in a state of inner revolt. Their thoughts and their feelings enter the seeds and poison the earth and its fruits.

One day, humans will be instructed in the art of cultivating the land according to Initiatic rules. The seeds will then absorb the cosmic forces in quite another way, and the fruits will communicate their virtues to those who eat them. If humans are sick, it is because, by their ignorance, they continually create unhealthy living conditions. Without knowing it, they eat cadavers, walk on cadavers and sleep on cadavers.

It is through the theocentric system that all can be re-established in the world. This system must be understood in the broadest sense of the term, as a life full of love, justice, and kindness. To lead a balanced life, the disciple must revolve around God, serve Him, and accomplish His will. One can only work for the Lord by enlightening others, leading them to the Source, giving them an example of love, kindness, and sacrifice, which corresponds to the biocentric system.

But to be able to do this work, one must be strong, healthy, solid, resistant, and well-developed in oneself, which corresponds to the egocentric system. This is the reason for the two egocentric and biocentric systems: when they are put at the service of the theocentric system, they find their justification.

Humans then become complete, unified beings. But if they are not attached first to the theocentric system, their life in contact with others and their personal life completely lose their meaning. That’s what you need to understand.

I am very happy to have given you some clarification on this sentence of Master’s letter. I hope it will help you better situate yourself and direct you in life. These are simple, elementary explanations, but very important.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Extract from a lecture – Paris, April 2, 1938

And now I would like to read to you some more passages from the book; The Sacred Words of the Master, by Peter Deunov …

Disciples must master their thoughts, and by their thoughts serve the truth. It is therefore essential that they should concentrate within themselves. They can think of the life-giving light, its beautiful seven-colored dress, and its melody. It is the great harmony of the world. They can also think of the vivifying sun of God to which everything aspires. This is how a perfect harmony is established within human consciousness.

You cannot see anything on the surface of a rippling lake. A calm lake reflects the summits of the mountains, the sky, the sun and the stars. The disciple needs a calm soul and well balanced thought. Then comes the clear vision of things, and many contradictions find their solution.

As soon as you are in love, you believe, and all is clear for you. That is when you will recognize that you are in the world of love. There, there is no doubt. If you doubt, you have certain proof that you are not in love.

Disciples must love the souls of other human beings, and since this is so, they must not hate anyone. The soul of the one you love and the one you do not like, love each other up on high. And if you, according to the flesh, establish a difference between them, you are mistaken.

Disciples must not be ill. Or at least, they must take each illness as an educational means by which nature balances the forces in the body. Love excludes all illness. It brings abundant life. The ill persona immersed in the love of God can heal instantly!

In their relationships, disciples must observe the following rule: service for service, but not for money. Money is able to spoil a human being. Money carries within it a different image, while a service rendered carries the image of love. Through service, the disciple transmits and receives the image of love. The currency of the future will be friendship. The real currency of the future will be love!

Disciples must not be of service for money. It is outside any rule of the divine school. They must serve others only for love.

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