A Letter from the Master Peter Deunov

Dear readers, it was wonderful to hear from you over the holidays, and thank you so much for taking the time to send your feedback. The consensus was to keep the content and length of posts about the same, to post a bit less frequently, and to include more extracts about daily practices and methods recommended by the Master.

So we will make some minor adjustments to the posts as requested, and if there are any topics you would like us to cover, just let us know by responding to our email. Wishing you every blessing in the year 2018, John, Valerie and Alvaro.

Now to start the New Year we will post a series of extracts from a lecture given by the Master, in Paris, on April 2, 1938, shortly after his arrival in France. In these posts Brother Michael, as he was then, reads from a letter from his Master Peter Deunov. At the end are some beautiful poetic quotes from Peter Deunov.

‘I am very happy to have read to you today the letter I have just received from my Master. You have understood the content: all is clear, limpid, and luminous. But perhaps there is a phrase whose meaning you haven’t well-understood and on which I would like to return a little.

The Egocentric, Biocentric and Theocentric Systems
The Master says, “there exist in life three systems: egocentric, biocentric, and theocentric. All beings can be classified into one or another of these systems.”

The meaning of these terms is easy to define. The egocentric system (from the Greek “ego” – me) has the self for its center, the individual. The biocentric system (from the Greek “bios” – life) is centered on life, with all its different manifestations. Finally, the theocentric system (from the Greek “theos” – god) is centered on God. So, you see, three centers: the self, life and God. We can also find these three systems in the human body: the egocentric system is based in the belly and viscera, the biocentric system in the heart and the lungs, and the theocentric system in the center of the brain, the pineal gland.

The egocentric system is linked to the personality, to all the forces in those who use exclusively egotistical means to safeguard their interests and their most material goods.

The biocentric system is already more turned towards others. It encourages humans to make exchanges, to start a family, to participate in the life of society. The difference is that the egocentric system leads people to live only for themselves, the biocentric system urges them to work for the collectivity, to enlarge the circle of their activities and their concerns.

As for the theocentric system, it goes far beyond the biocentric system: there is a place in it only for the impersonal and divine, for the qualities and the activities of our Higher Self, which is given the task of bringing everything to God and to establish His Kingdom in every creature.

People who are part of the egocentric system are limited, obtuse and rude. They are incapable of seeing there is a world with concerns greater than theirs. They represent the majority of humanity, who still think of satisfying their most primitive needs. These are people who sometimes pass as being very intelligent because they always succeed at the expense of others, but what they do not know, is that with such an attitude they will gradually degrade until they become dust.

People who belong to the biocentric system work to prepare the lines of communication and build spiritual bridges. They fly into space to search, study, and bring their findings to others. They serve as intermediaries between the people of the first category and those of the third. It is among them that we find artists, philosophers, and researchers.

As for those who belong to the theocentric system, they serve as links. They lead those of the biocentric system to a higher ideal, to the Creator of the universe. They are the most remarkable mystics and philosophers, the Initiates, the great Masters.


And now, to finish, I would like to read to you some passages from the book; The Sacred Words of the Master.

“Behind the veil of transitory forms is the indefatigable work of the Spirit who elevates souls to the Eternal. Behind each form see the image of the Eternal.

The forms are but envelopes, they do not trouble the disciple, for disciples always seek the eternal idea that works in the forms thereby giving them value. They thus unite themselves with the world of the Spirit, with the life of the universe.

Let no one know of your spiritual experiences until you have built a very strong foundation.

Always be in contact with the God of Love. Sin is born outside of God.

It is necessary that disciples spend some time in solitude in order to become strong. This is how their thinking strengthens.

Beneath the rays of the sun, the flowers blossom and fruits ripen. The soul of the disciple grows only in divine love.

The disciple is happy with the elevation of each soul and contributes to it. There is a law of the spiritual world which says, ‘When one rises, all rise.’

When a disciple understands their Master, they are ready to receive and they will always be provided for.

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