Intelligent life on the Stars, Part 3/6

Of course, when I speak of the sun I am touching on only one part of reality, for day is not the whole story. Night also exists. When the sun is no longer there and the night sky is clear, we can gaze on immensity with its thousands of stars and constellations. We catch a glimpse of the infinite, of immense wealth and splendour. Whereas, when the sun appears, space seems to shrink; the sun shuts out immensity and allows us to see only the visible, material world.

Where can we find the answer to this riddle? On the one hand, the sun gives us a clear, precise vision of the real world, it brings things to life and we see them clearly defined. On the other hand, when it is not there, we are able to see immensity, and immensity is so prodigiously rich that it enables our souls and spirits to travel and lose themselves in infinity. Does this mean that the sun does not show us the whole truth? But let us leave this question for another time. In the meantime you can think about it.

Night has sometimes been seen as the symbol of evil, and day as the symbol of good. And yet it is often at night that initiates work, meditate and pray, and in the past it was during the night that they put their disciples through the trials of initiation. So night is not as bad as all that. Of course, when we speak of darkness the word implies evil, a lack of intelligence, love and kindness.

But night is something else. In fact, it is perfectly possible for the light of the spirit to shine brightly at night, just as it is possible for darkness to reign in broad daylight. It all depends on one’s state of consciousness. Night and day are two different symbols of one reality: divine manifestation. God – or truth, if you prefer – is manifested just as well by night as by day, but the aspect will be different in each case. Many forces need darkness for their work: an unborn child begins to take shape and seeds begin to germinate in darkness.

This means that we also need to know how to work with night. Where would you find more ideal conditions for melting into the immensity of space than the peace and stillness of a summer night? Lying on your back in the grass, when everybody else is asleep and the silence of the night is barely troubled by the chirping of crickets and the croaking of an occasional frog, you can gaze up at that immensity studded with millions of stars and try to understand them, to imagine what they must be like and what entities, what intelligent beings dwell in them.

For it is impossible that, of all the worlds that have been created, this tiny grain of dust that is the earth should be the only one to be peopled… peopled by pygmies who spend their days and nights philosophizing, or by theologians who can think of nothing better to argue about than how many devils can sit on the point of a pin, or what became of Jesus’ prepuce after the circumcision. What fascinating topics of discussion, to be sure!

Stretch out on your back in the grass, and try to pick out the star you like best, the one with which you sense a special affinity: look at it, love it, attach yourself to it, and imagine that you go up to it, or that it comes down to talk to you.

When you do this all your petty problems, the little dramas of your life, all the little things you have lost, will seem so insignificant that you will realize that it would be ridiculous to waste any tears on them. In the face of such solemn, majestic immensity, you will wonder how you could ever have made so much fuss about so little.

I know some astronomers who admit that their work has completely changed their outlook on life: everyday struggles, problems and worries take up far less room in their lives. They are constantly amazed to see the importance that human beings attach to small details. If you have the opportunity, I advise you to try this, and even to sleep under the stars.

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Complete Works Volume 10. The Splendour of Tiphareth – The Yoga of the Sun
Chapter 10 Rise above the Clouds – The Sephirah Tiphareth

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