On-line Study Groups

Dear friends,
It warms our hearts to receive your wonderful comments and questions about the group and the Master OMRAAM MIKHAEL AIVANHOV’s Teaching. Also because it was the Master’s wish for his Teaching to be known in all countries of the world – which through you is now happening.

A number of you are asking about practical steps for introducing the teaching into your life.

In response, we are happy to announce the first on-line study series we would like to share with you. It will be a 6 month programme of readings and discussions using internet chat forum and video-conferences, in groups of 10-15, to start. Because of the requests received, we will start with English language and we expect it to be followed by French and other languages if you are interested.

The programme will be an introduction to the key principles of Initiatic Science, the Solar Civilisation and the Daily Pratices recommended by our Master when starting on the spiritual path.

The purpose of these sessions is to prepare those who would like to spend some time visiting a Universal White Brotherhood/Fraternité Blanche Universelle centre (Switzerland, France, etc…), that we are planning for 2015 and beyond. Alternatively, if you do not wish to visit a centre, it can be an opportunity to practice and take fraternal collaboration to another level, via our group, using the internet.

For those who are interested, could you please advise your interest to join by commenting below.

A) the May session in English – Sunday 11 May at 4:30pm EST (New York Time),
and for our planning:
B) a session at another time in English,
C) a session in another language

When you respond, please include your email so we have your contact details to advise on next steps and provide more info.

We hope you will enjoy starting on this wonderful journey, and we will decide together where it could take us ! 🙂

With very best wishes,
In Love and Light

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