Love is the source and origin of all that exists, Part 4/6

Only love can bestow life and there is nothing more important than life; it is the source and origin of all that exists. God has given us these forces of love so that we may learn to sublimate them and transform them into life, the most intense form of life and, thereby, obtain magic powers, omnipotence.

As I have said, the symbol of Mercury is composed of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. If you remove the Moon you have the symbol of Venus, love. All the different aspects contained in the symbol of Mercury can be found in the functions of the god Hermes whose magic wand, the Caduceus, symbolized the powers he possessed on every level.

In the glyph that represents Mercury, the Moon, which symbolizes the imagination, is in the form of a bowl of water; the Moon, the feminine principle, has a special relationship with water.

Understanding this symbol we possess all powers
Beneath the Moon is the Sun, fire, which heats the imagination in a particular direction. And below the Sun is the Earth, symbol of realizations on the level of matter. When an initiate understands this symbol they become capable of creating, of helping others, of enlightening, vivifying and protecting them; they possess all powers.

Given the right conditions, they are capable of turning the world upside down because they have understood the one thing that is essential: how the will can work on the imagination. Just as a woman has the power to condense life within her womb, the Moon has the power to give concrete form to things, to materialize them, to transform them into earth, that is to say, to give them physical reality.

You see: you have to make symbols speak to you; if you take a firm grip on them they will give up all their secrets.

Controlling your ‘Moon’, your imagination
Disciples must make up their mind to overpower the bull; that is, they must learn to control the untamed, brutal, violent force of their sensuality so as to make use of its strength. To overpower the bull does not mean to kill it; if you kill it you will not be able to benefit from its strength.

You have to take the bull by the horns, in other words, you have to control the Moon, your imagination, for the imagination of human beings is inseparably linked to their sensuality except in the case of those scholars, philosophers, artists and initiates who have already taken their bull by the horns and given another direction to their imagination and, thus, becoming capable of creating and discovering things and of enlightening others.

Treat your imagination like your ‘wife’
Those who have not succeeded in taking the bull by the horns allow their imagination to run wild; it becomes promiscuous, sleeps with all and sundry and gives birth to monsters. You have to try to give your imagination some specific work to do so that it may continually produce the most beautiful, the noblest and most luminous creations.

A disciple must not allow his ‘wife’ to walk the streets and sleep with anyone who asks her; he keeps her for himself. Yes, our imagination is our wife and she is capable of bringing children into the world.

To be continued…
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Sèvres, December 27, 1970

Complete Works Volume 14. Love and Sexuality, Part 1
Chapter 2 Taking the bull by the horns – The Caduceus of Hermes

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