Magic – the Black Lodge and the White Lodge, Part 2/7

The spirits of darkness are very skilful; they don’t appear in horns and a forked tail, surrounded by the cauldrons of hell. It is not in their own interest to alarm you; on the contrary, they come and promise you to fulfil all your desires, and they keep coming back until, like a ripe fruit, you fall into their hands. Yes, that is how they seduce people: by promises of power, pleasure and money.

And in this way, a great many people become candidates for the black lodge, for it is impossible to acquire all those advantages very rapidly without manifesting selfishness, cruelty and dishonesty. But the ‘white lodge’ also sends delegations to visit human beings. Its envoys are magnificent beings who seek to enlighten men and women and show them all the blessings in store for them if they decide to take the path of light.

The spirits of the Black Lodge will flatter and seduce
If you are enlightened, if you have an ounce of true discernment, you will listen to the voice of these heavenly beings; otherwise, of course, you will fall into the traps laid by the spirits of darkness. There is not a single human being who has not been approached by the spirits of light, but if people remain deaf to their voice, what can they do? They are obliged to leave them to the flattery of the black lodge which, of course, offers something far more seductive, for it concerns the satisfaction of physical needs and appetites.

Humans have a lower and a higher nature – personality and individuality
As I have already explained, humans have two natures, a lower nature which I call the personality and a higher nature which I call the individuality. In accordance with their degree of evolution, human beings give the priority to one or other of their two natures, and depending on which one they allow to manifest itself, they are in contact either with entities of the world of darkness or with those that inhabit the world of light.

Some people will object that they don’t believe in the entities of the invisible world. Well, whether they believe in them or not makes no difference: their higher and lower natures still exist and it is impossible to be blind to their manifestations. It is up to each human being to decide which influence they prefer.

You will say, ‘Why doesn’t God destroy the spirits of evil?’ And the answer is, ‘Because they have been given permission to tempt you. That is their job. It is up to you not to be allow yourselves be caught by their wiles.’ God has never punished the Devil for tempting human beings; it is up to them to be stronger and more enlightened; it is their responsibility to understand where true fulfilment lies and why it is better to take one direction rather than the other.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Izvor Book 226, The Book of Divine Magic
Chapter 10, We all work Magic

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