Magic – What is a Magic Wand? Part 4/7

A Magic Wand can provide the power for the lights to burn on earth-
What is a magic wand? It is simply a stick, but a stick with a very special function: that of being a link between the two worlds, the world above and the world below. A magic wand is usually a twig from an almond tree or a hazel bush. Traditionally it is a cubit in length (that is about twenty inches: the length from the tip of your fingers to the elbow) and as thick as your finger.

When a magus wishes to make a magic wand, he prepares himself beforehand and then, before sunrise, cuts the wand from the tree while pronouncing certain formulas. After peeling off the bark, he fits a little cap on to each end.

Commanding the spirits requires more than a magic wand
One of the caps is of silver and the other of gold and both are engraved with certain words or symbols. When this is done, he consecrates the wand and it is then ready to be used to accomplish great good deeds. But, despite what some people think, you cannot become a magician and command the spirits simply because you have a magic wand in your hand. It is not that easy to command the spirits.

Some people hear of the seventy-two Planetary Spirits and think that, armed with a magic wand, they can get them to do their will. What ignorance! And what do you suppose most people want them to do? Help them to work for the good of mankind? Establish the reign of peace and light amongst men?

One needs to develop one’s faculties and virtues
No, I’m afraid not. They expect these great spirits to give them money, love or worldly success for themselves, without making the slightest effort to develop their own faculties or cultivate the virtues. Well, let me warn them that, by behaving in this way, they become part of the ‘black lodge,’ for it is the black lodge that inspires in them the desire to command the spirits before they are fit to do so, before they are truly sons and daughters of God.

The spiritual wand needs to exist within
The genuine magic wand, therefore, is not a little slip of wood; it is the living link that a man has forged between himself and the worlds above and below, a link that joins heaven to earth. Before a magus attempts to use a physical wand, he must possess this spiritual wand within himself. The function of the magic wand is to connect the two worlds so that the current can flow freely between them.

Then the energy can flow from the divine world to the physical world
The central powerhouse in the world above produces plenty of current, but if we want our lights to burn on earth, they have to be connected to the mains. And a magic wand is the connection that makes this possible.

When a magus possesses this wand in himself, therefore, in his head and heart, in his soul and spirit, and when, in addition, he holds in his hand a physical wand which is the material representation of this connection, he can cause energy to flow from the divine world to the physical world. This is the symbolism of a magic wand.

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Izvor Book 226, The Book of Divine Magic
Chapter One: The Danger of the Current Revival of Magic

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