Make friends with Water

-Water will give you some of its purity and transparency
The first condition that has to be fulfilled if you want to make friends with water is to approach it with respect. You must realize that water is the home of many pure and beautiful entities who will not look  kindly on you if you fail to show them some love and consideration.

If you want to go for a swim for instance, especially if it is in a lake, you should not do so carelessly; you must take the trouble to put yourself in a suitable frame of mind. Start by asking the entities that live in that water for their permission to bathe in it, because when you do so it is as though you were washing away your impurities in the water in which they live, and as you can understand, this could be very disagreeable for them. Be careful and considerate therefore.

However, as you may not often have the opportunity to practise making contact with water in a natural setting, it is still possible to do so at home.

You only need a cup or bowl of water, for even such a tiny quantity can represent all the waters of the earth. Symbolically, magically, a single drop of water is enough to establish a link between yourself and all the rivers and oceans of the world.

Drop of Water Creating Ripples

Drop of Water Creating Ripples

Take your bowl of water therefore, concentrate on it and speak to it so that it becomes even more vibrant and full of life. Tell it how beautiful it is, how much you admire it and how grateful you would be if it would give you some of its purity and transparency. Then you can touch it and pour it over your hands, for instance, with the thought that you are communicating with its etheric body and absorbing its vibrations, that it is impregnating your whole being.

Or you can dip your hands in the water and conjure up a picture of a lake of pure, crystal-clear water high up in the mountains; you can see yourself bathing in that water and receiving its freshness and purity into yourself. If you do this with the consciousness of doing something sacred you will feel your being vibrating in harmony with the whole of nature; you will feel that you are lighter and purer, that even your brain functions more efficiently.

Yes, such an exercise can effect tremendous changes, on condition, of course, that the most potent factor, your conscious mind, is focused on what you are doing. Thanks to your powers of thought you can use everything that God has created to help you to become purer, stronger and more intelligent.
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 232, The Mysteries of Fire and Water,

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