Man’s two Natures – realise your finest aspirations, Part 5/5 Final

‘Imagination according to the initiate’s understanding of the word, is the creative faculty which allows us to realize our finest aspirations. 

Imagination can be compared to a woman. After receiving the seed from her husband, instantly she goes to work shaping and building her future child, whose character and form will correspond exactly with the seed’s contents. Imagination is a woman, it produces, it materializes what it receives! Thus, if you concentrate on the higher world and higher Beings, your imagination will capture the realities of that world and those beings and bring them to life for you, realize them for you.

If you are patient and if you remain concentrated on one splendid idea your imagination will actually condense it and bring it to life, it will be both visible and tangible. Imagination attracts the elements that correspond to its desires, it uses them to explore the depths of the ocean and the heights of the heavens; it accumulates ideas and desires and one day they become concrete, realized in matter.

Now let me ask you to be very clear; you will never succeed in transforming your lower nature, the personality. The only thing to do, the only way to change, is to give your divine Nature, the individuality or higher Self, the chance to absorb the personality, to make it disappear.


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The lower nature, as I have told you, is an emanation of the higher Nature. Because humans were curious and wanted to have a greater knowledge of life and the universe, they left Paradise where they lived with God, and descended into matter. This descent is called involution. It was accomplished at the expense of our radiance, our lightness, for we were compelled to take on the density and weight of the lower bodies, the mental, astral and physical bodies. But it is also a fact that we are predestined to return to our original country, our celestial abode, and that ascent is called evolution.

When we abandon our lower bodies and live only in our higher bodies, the causal, buddhic and atmic bodies, we become a divinity.

That is the Teaching of the initiates, the Initiatic Science. What I am saying agrees with all the esoteric, religious traditions, they all teach that human beings must become once again what they were originally. For the moment they are caught somewhere between heaven and hell, having erred for so long and changed their abode so often they no longer know where to go.

In this Initiatic school you are given the answers to all these questions as well as the methods to help you evolve. In this way you cannot fail, you will become gradually happier and happier, richer and richer in virtue and qualities!’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Izvor Book 213, Man’s Two Natures, Human and Divine
Chapters 7-11

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  1. Lisa Bianco February 14, 2016 at 11:06 pm - Reply

    What a blessing to have these extracts greet me every day when I turn on my computer and the Master’s Daily meditations. In our busy lives we need constant reminders of our potential and divinity to help us work both on the material plan more efficiently with love, truth and wisdom and too also work in our higher selves – especially with Light as was the last series.
    So blessed to have the Masters teachings and this great community All over the world 🙂

    Much Love & Light

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