Many advanced spirits have forgotten their divine origins, Part 3/3

Those who choose will receive the knowledge and light to show the way
Of course, if we want to contribute to bringing about this glorious future we are going to need a certain amount of knowledge. But light will be given to us. All creatures will be taught what they need to know, and each one will have to make a choice between collaborating with the currents that come from the sun or with those that come from the centre of the earth.

Archangel Mikhaël is a real being and will be at the head
When there are enough people working to create favourable conditions, the forces of darkness will be bound and flung into the abyss. This idea is represented by the image of the Archangel Mikhaël conquering the Dragon. The Archangel Mikhaël is a real being; it is he who will be at the head of the Egregor formed by Initiates and the disciples of the Brotherhood – all those who work for light, whatever their religious or spiritual affiliation. All those who work for good are members of the Brotherhood, and it is they who will purify the earth.

The Christ Spirit lives in the luminous region in which the first men lived and, from this region, which is close to us and in every part of the world, it is at work, influencing men’s minds and imbuing them with its light.

The attitude of many today is the same as the rebellious angels
Those inferior spirits that tempted the first human beings were highly intelligent but utterly without love. Those who give priority to the intellect are mainly interested in succeeding on the material level; their goal is to acquire money, great possessions, power and glory in this world. They are not interested in being united with Heaven or in working to build their spiritual body. In other words, their attitude is exactly that of the rebellious Angels who came to work on earth and refused to return to God.

Many advanced spirits forget their divine origins when they come to earth
Some of you may ask how such beings could they have forgotten their pristine state and lost the desire to return to God?’ Once they have incarnated on earth, a great many very advanced spirits forget all about their origins until they meet a Master or read something in a book and their conscious mind suddenly perceives the truth of their divine origin.

Most human beings are like ragged urchins playing in the gutter: they are in ignorance of the fact that they are heirs to a throne until a messenger comes to fetch them and reveals to them the truth about their royal parentage. In the meantime, what a lot of trials and tribulations have to be endured!

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Complete Works Volume 32, The Fruits of the Tree of Life – The Cabbalistic Tradition
Chapter 6, The Fall and Redemption of Man

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  1. Sam September 30, 2016 at 10:11 am - Reply

    Thank you for this post. I feel most fortunate to have come across the Master’s teachings, finally, it seems…. But I wonder why we are made to forget this divine connection we all have, and then we need to endure such trials and tribulations as a result, until we can remember again, through some maybe chance meeting with the right Master, or with an awakening experience. It doesn’t seem fair to those that suffer so much, and to humanity in general. Knowing that we are all connected to the divine seems to me to be a key knowing of our true nature, that will lead to peace and love for all, if we only didn’t need to have forgotten this in the first place…

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