There are many ways to reach the Creator, Part 6/7

The sun is the centre of the solar system and the planets move harmoniously in orbit around it, and it is this harmonious movement of the planets round the sun that must be duplicated by our own cells.

But before this can be, we have to discover our own centre, the sun, God, the spirit within us. When we achieve this, every particle of our being moves in rhythm with universal life, and the sensations and states of consciousness that this produces in us are unutterably glorious.

Is it really necessary to go out and watch the sun rising?
What I am giving you today is the philosophical aspect of this question of the centre. You do not yet know the practical, magical aspects of the question, but they are of the utmost importance, and we shall talk about them later.

Perhaps you feel like asking, ‘Is it really necessary to go out and watch the sun rising? Would it not come to the same thing if I prayed at home?’ Of course, it is perfectly possible to pray at home in your own room.

Achieving union with the Creator spiritually and physically
It is true that you can seek your centre and unite yourself to God, and experience the same results and the same rapture at home. But if, while you are praying and meditating, you can also breathe pure, fresh air and benefit from the sunlight at the same time, you will not only be achieving union with God intellectually, by means of your thought, but also physically, through your communion with air and light.

In this way, your prayer will be more complete. When you are up here at sunrise, there are many potent factors to help you: the pure air, an almost tangible peace, wide horizons and splendid warmth and light. What more could you ask for?

There are many ways of approaching the source of life that we all need
You see, my dear brothers and sisters, if we learn to put things in their proper place and appreciate them for what they really are, they will help us to find better, more direct and more effective ways of approaching the source of life that we all need.

Every single being without exception needs to return to the source. And every single being understands this differently, of course, but the fact remains: they all seek God. Those who spend their time eating and drinking, those who have an insatiable appetite for sex, those who are only interested in money, power or knowledge, are all looking for God.

We all seek our Creator in different ways
This may shock some devout and religious people because they are often narrow-minded and prejudiced. They will say, ‘It just isn’t possible for anyone to seek God in such warped, roundabout ways.’ But they are wrong, it is possible.

All creatures seek their Creator. The only thing is that they all seek him in their own way. If one knew exactly where he was and how to find him totally and perfectly, it would, of course, be better, but there is something of God in all these things: food, money and the love of men and women.

Yes, for the sensations of delight, fulfilment and wonder found in human love were put there by God. And those who hunger for power and authority, are they not reaching for attributes that belong to God? And the desire to be beautiful, even to the point of wasting all one’s money on beauty salons, face lifts and goodness knows what, is also a desire to partake God’s own beauty.

Even gluttons who spend their days making pigs of themselves, find delight in their food only because it contains something of the Lord; if it were not so, food would give no pleasure to palate or stomach.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
The Bonfin, 31 July 1967

To be continued..

Complete Works, Volume 10, The Splendour of Tiphareth
Chapter 1, The Sun, Centre of our Universe

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