Masters from other planets, Part 4/7

The great Masters, who have achieved their ideal of serving God with all their hearts and souls and minds, have awakened their Causal and Buddhic bodies, and it is the vibrations of these sublime bodies that can reach even the creatures on other planets.

In the same way, Masters who dwell on other planets reach the creatures on earth and, in this way, there is a continual flow of exchange, not only within the solar system, but throughout the whole cosmos. God has placed no boundaries or frontiers in the universe, and if love is said to be all-powerful it is because it can reach to the stars and touch even the most distant entities.

As you can see, the aura is extremely important. If your aura is not pure, the countless blessings poured out by angelic beings cannot enter you because your true self is hidden under dense layers of impurities. When there is a heavy layer of cloud, it hides the sun so that it can no longer give warmth or light to creatures on earth. This is exactly what happens to those who are full of jealousy, hatred, anger, etc.: dense clouds build up in their aura.

Actually, the vibrations of the aura are infinitely subtle. It is constantly stirring with rapid movements, ceaselessly and faithfully reflecting the smallest changes in our state of mind and even in our physical condition. True, the aura is constant in that it always manifests the fundamental nature of its owner, but subtle variations continually flit through it.

It is like your face: in the course of a day, every possible expression flits across it, but that does not mean that your nose, forehead or mouth actually change shape. In the same way, the aura is made up of certain radiations and colours which reveal a person’s true nature, and this does not change substantially during his lifetime, but other, secondary vibrations come and go, reflecting passing changes and states of mind.

Those who give themselves up to certain emotions or weaknesses, therefore, constantly obscure the atmosphere of their aura, so that when beneficial currents and forces seek to enter and find a resting place in them, they are halted by a veritable wall of muddy, opaque colours. If you live an unreasonable, chaotic life, your aura will be criss-crossed by so many untidy eddies and currents that it will no longer be an effective shield against hostile attack by invisible creatures.

And it follows that your relationships of mutual exchange with the universe and other living creatures will not be harmonious either. In keeping with the law of affinity, you will receive from the universe only sombre, chaotic and discordant elements; all that is luminous will be rejected. Light attracts light; purity attracts purity.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Les Monts-de-Pully (Switzerland) 22 May 1960

Compete Works Volume 6, Harmony
Chapter 12. The Aura

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