Meeting of the triangles – The Seal of Solomon, Part 6/7

Master Peter Deunov said,
‘The positive energy of the sun and the negative energy of the earth attract each other. Where they meet, the process is triggered by which rain is born and falls to earth.’
Let’s interpret this image…

The negative energy of the earth is that of our purely human nature; the positive energy of the sun, that of our divine nature. When these two energies meet, they produce rain, which we can take to mean a lifegiving element. In fact, rain is hugely beneficial for the growth and blossoming of vegetation in the whole of nature!

Symbolically, the first two exercises enable the meeting between earth and sun; we could also say between earth and heaven. With the first movement, we draw the energy currents down from heaven to earth, and in the second we raise them from earth to heaven. The meeting of these two movements, of these two currents, occurs in the solar plexus, and from this meeting bursts forth the water of life.

Jesus said, ‘Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.’ The belly is the area of the solar plexus. When the descending and ascending currents intersect harmoniously in our solar plexus, it is as if a spring of water is opening inside us, and beneficial waves spread throughout our body.

With the movement of the first exercise, from high to low, we bring spirit down into matter, and with the second, from low to high, we raise matter back up to spirit. The meeting within us of these two currents brings us fulfilment. And I must recommend that you do these first two exercises in the order I have just indicated. Try not to reverse them, consciously or unconsciously.

You have to begin with the descending movement and continue with the ascending movement. Why? Because it is a cosmic law: spirit must descend, for involution to take place, so that matter can rise and evolve.

Matter is inert, unformed, and spirit comes down into it to give it life and fashion it. We can observe this process everywhere in numerous aspects of nature. Spirit comes down to animate matter – this is involution; matter, animated by spirit, rises again – this is evolution. No evolution would be possible if there had not first been involution. Otherwise, where would these forces, these energies that have allowed forms to diversify and be refined, come from?

The evolution of material forms – of stones, plants, animals and humans – has been able to take place only because of the descent of the spirit. That is another illustration of the symbolism of the two triangles. The triangle pointing downwards is the symbol for the spirit, the masculine principle, which comes down into matter to animate it and give it life; the triangle pointing upwards is the symbol for matter, the feminine principle, which wants to evolve and join the spirit again.

The meeting of the two triangles, symbolized by the seal of Solomon, represents the perfect union of spirit and matter. It is this meeting and interpenetration of the two triangles, the two principles, that creates the magical power of the seal of Solomon.

If you are unable to do all the gymnastic exercises for one reason or another (lack of time, physical impairment), try at least to do the first two. This will have a good effect on your solar plexus, which is your true energy reserve, and you will feel in a good mood for the rest of the day.

To be continued…

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The Master demonstrates the gymnastics.

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Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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    Very interesting.

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      Yes indeed Sue, the explanations behind each of the exercises make them so much more meaningful. Thank you for your feedback.

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