Mikhaël on the subject of clairvoyance, Part 4/5

Speaking later of his psychic powers—and in particular of his clairvoyance— Mikhaël said that while at Ternovo he had sensed a great inner effervescence, and that he often had revelations about people’s past lives. Whenever possible, he asked Peter Deunov to verify the truth of those revelations. But before long he realized that to reveal such things could be dangerous, that he had no right to lift the veil that divine wisdom draws over the memory of human beings: ‘If they knew what terrible things they had done to each other in the past, how would they react today?’

Mikhaël’s dearest wish was to help his friends to advance, but how could he be sure of what he could tell them without doing them more harm than good? Because he was in doubt about this he adopted the habit of denying his gift of clairvoyance.

It is evident, however, that he perceived emanations and the aura surrounding each human being, an aura which cannot lie, for its colors express the physical and spiritual state of health of the individual. Occasionally he could even see the luminescence of Peter Deunov’s aura and capture fragrance of the spiritual perfume emanating from him.
To be continued…

Louise-Marie Frenette,
Extract from The Life of a Master in the West  (Amazon, ‘look inside’)
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  1. Michel KOUBA January 20, 2016 at 2:57 pm - Reply

    So Great and humble was our Master. having such powers and modestly living among us Thank you so much Louise- Marie for that luminous sharing.

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