Mountains and valleys – symbols of the intellect and the heart

Mountains and valleys have their counterparts in our inner lives. Valleys represent fertility and therefore abundance, generosity and goodness. It is in the valleys, not on the summits, that we find trees, gardens, fruits, flowers and cities inhabited by human beings. On high peaks we find rock, ice and sterility.

Do you feel lonely? Well, come down from the summit where your intellect, with its pride, its tendency to criticise, has taken you. Descend into the valley where abundance prevails, where the heart manifests itself, where the waters of love flow. The knowledge you have acquired on the summits must melt and form streams and rivers which will fertilize the valleys. There is a time to go up and a time to go down: there is a time to rise to the mountain peak by way of your intellect and a time to descend into the valley by way of your heart.

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