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Hello dear friends, from today you will see some changes to the Journey with Omraam website. They aim to simplify navigation and improve the speed.

This is the new home page which now contains just the most frequently used links. We hope you like the colours of the morning sky.

Our visitors prefer commenting on posts to using Meeting Place, so we have deactivated it, together with the member profiles. We have kept your email preferences  so you will continue to receive posts and newsletters as you have requested.

On the home page and on the Books and Videos page you will find links to download the free e-Pocket edition of the Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Biography. It is available in ebook, Kindle and pdf formats, and is specially formatted for reading on phones and tablets.

For those with Android devices, if you do not have an ebook reader you can download the free Bookari app. If you like the biography, please share it with your friends so the Master’s teaching can become better known around the world. We hope to offer more e-Pocket editions in the future.

We wish you a wonderful weekend, and enjoyable reading – please provide your feedback, requests or suggestions on the book or the website,  using the comments box below 🙂

The Journey with Omraam Team

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