When the night sky is clear…. contemplate the stars

When the night sky is clear, remember to stop a while to contemplate the stars. Imagine you are leaving the earth behind with its struggles and tragedies and becoming a citizen of heaven. Meditate on the beauty of the constellations and the greatness of the beings inhabiting them.

As you go further out into space, you will feel lighter, freer, but above all you will discover peace, a peace that will gradually pervade your whole being. By meditating on the wisdom that created the universe and the creatures in it, you will feel your soul putting out very subtle antennae enabling it to communicate with the furthest regions.

Beneath the stars, you can feel that all the problems that take on such huge proportions in your mind now hardly mean a thing. When you consider that the stars you are watching have existed for billions of years, that the Intelligence that created those worlds is eternal and that you are created in its image, you feel that your spirit also is eternal and that nothing can really trouble you.

Those are sublime moments that you will never be able to forget.”

#Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Izvor Book 228, “Looking Into the Invisible”

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