Nourishing our subtle bodies, (Final Part 4)

– Nutrition can be a means to perfection
Why we bless our food
Observe your attitude and reactions while you are eating and they will give you an accurate idea of your degree of evolution. If you have no respect for the food that God has given you, how can you expect to have respect for anything else? That the food we eat has already been blessed and consecrated by the Lord himself is evident from the fact that it is capable of giving us life. God is in food in the form of life. You must not think that food needs to be blessed by human beings before it can give us life; no, long before man blessed food it was already blessed by heaven. God is life, and if food gives us life, it is because it contains God.

Perhaps you will say, ‘Does this mean that we should not say grace and bless the food before a meal?’ No, not at all; you are right to bless your food. But first of all you must know what a blessing is and what effect it has. A blessing is a ceremony, a magic rite. Through the words, gestures and thoughts of the person who gives the blessing, the food is enclosed and immersed in fluidic emanations which prepare it for consumption by bringing it into harmony with those who are going to eat it.

In this way there is contact and adaptation on the level of the subtle bodies, and the beneficial elements contained in the food become more readily available. However, the powers of a human blessing are limited. If it were so easy to impregnate matter with divine life, you could bless wood or metal or a stone, and then eat it! True, you can bless objects made of wood, stone, or metal, and in doing so, you can inject an element of life into them, but it will not be a degree of life sufficient to nourish human beings. It may have other effects on them, but it cannot nourish them.

cibo annusare concentrarsi

If food gives us life it is because it already contains the life that the Creator gave it, but that life needs to be raised to a higher degree and stimulated and enhanced by our blessings, above all by our gratitude. We eat in order to obtain the life that God—or, if you prefer, nature—has placed in food. A meal is like the conception of a child. In giving us food, God gives us life, and by our consciousness of what we are doing, we enter into communion with his spirit.

It is more than likely that you have never before envisaged the nutritional process in this way. But henceforth, with the coming of the new race of humans, I can tell you that they will be instructed in these methods; they will learn that nutrition is not the humble, commonplace, contemptible process they thought, but that within this everyday act of eating, God has concealed the possibility of doing psychic work of the utmost importance. They will understand that nutrition can be a means to perfection.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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