Nutrition – transforming your body and mind, Part 3/7

‘Your future depends on how you eat. If you nourish yourself inadequately on the physical level you will look ill and your friends will ask what is wrong with you. This shows that the quality of your physical food can actually change your appearance. Well, the same is true of the quality of your thoughts and emotions. Certain thoughts and emotions are capable of rendering you more beautiful, while others, unfortunately, make you uglier. So why not pay attention to all this?

No transformation can take place in a human being unless better, more refined particles can be found to replace those of inferior quality. This is why it is not enough just to eat in silence. We must fill the silence with the most elevated thoughts and feelings, for then it becomes so powerful and so full of magic that it can provide all the elements we need to nourish our subtle bodies.

Silence is not emptiness: emptiness, a vacuum, cannot exist in nature. The universe is full of forces, materials and elements which become purer and more subtle as they reach the higher planes, and this powerful, magical silence is a mine from which we can extract great wealth.

The four elements (earth, water, air and fire), corresponding to the four states of matter, are contained in the food we eat every day. By eating, therefore, we are in contact with the angels that preside over the elements – the Angel of earth, the Angel of water, the Angel of air and the Angel of fire – and we can ask them to help us to build up our physical body and make it so pure and subtle that it may become a dwelling-place for Christ, for the living God.

4 Angels

Each of these angels represents certain specific qualities and virtues: the Angel of earth represents stability; the Angel of water, purity; the Angel of air, intelligence, and the Angel of fire divine life. If you are mentally in touch with these four angels while you eat, you will receive particles of a more highly spiritual nature with which to build all your subtle bodies, even your body of light.

The body of light (or body of glory) must be formed of particles of the greatest purity, of the most intense vibrancy, for only the intense vibrations of light are capable of opposing the progress of disease and death, of dislocation, corruption and disintegration. When light triumphs in a human being, that human being becomes immortal. This is why it is so important that, through the food you eat, you learn to eat and drink light in the unshakeable conviction that you are thereby receiving new life.

So, when you eat, link yourselves to the angels of the four elements with these words: ‘Oh Angel of earth, Angel of water, Angel of air, Angel of fire, give me your qualities of stability, purity, intelligence and divine love.’ In this way you will enter into the new life.’
To be continued…

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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