Obtaining the ‘Strength of all Strengths’, Part 5/6

‘If we pursue our interpretation of the Caduceus of Hermes, we find that it is a summary of a human being. The two serpents twined round the central staff represent the two currents flowing from the brain. Starting from the left and right hemispheres, they cross over at the nape of the neck, pass through the lungs, cross over again at the solar plexus, pass through the liver and spleen, cross over at the navel, pass through the left and right kidneys, cross over, once again, at the Hara centre and pass through the sexual glands of a man, and through the ovaries of a woman.

The Caduceus of Hermes


The source of the Kundalini force – The ‘Strength of all Strengths’
The central wand represents the spinal column, at the base of which, according to the initiates of India, slumbers the Kundalini force before it is awakened into activity. When Kundalini starts to move up from Muladhara, the Chakra at the base of the spine, it travels through a channel in the centre of the spinal column, Sushumna. Kundalini is set in motion and rises all the way to the thousand-petalled Lotus, the Chakra known as Sahasrara, when the two currents, Ida and Pingala which lie on either side of Sushumna, are stimulated by our breathing.

Working with the Sun (Pingala) and The Moon (Ida) to obtain the ‘Strength of all Strengths’
Yogis and initiates, therefore, who succeed in working with the Sun (Pingala, the positive current) and the Moon (Ida, the negative current), awaken the Kundalini force and send it up to the peak of their being. And here, again, we find the phenomenon of the laser: a human being is a living laser. Those who succeed in getting their inner laser to function obtain the ‘Strength of all Strengths,’ the universal magic agent.’

To be continued…
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Sèvres, December 27, 1970

Complete Works Volume 14. Love and Sexuality, Part 1
Chapter 2 Taking the bull by the horns – The Caduceus of Hermes

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  1. roxana August 14, 2018 at 11:10 am - Reply

    Mm.. thank you

    It is very interesting to read about transformation if primal energy…

  2. John August 14, 2018 at 6:25 pm - Reply

    Hi Roxana, glad you find this topic interesting. This is just one of many lectures on the subject, each highlighting a different perspective. In fact there are two large volumes devoted to the subject. If you have not done so already you could look at the previous posts on Love and Sexuality via the Posts menu.

    • roxana August 16, 2018 at 10:35 am - Reply

      Why does everybody try to make money of the enlightened ones ???

      I am not talking about you john !!
      I see you are doing this for free out of your love for your master..

      But i can not turn one inch and look for a pdf file written by the buddhas of the past or prsent without being asked for money…

      I understand for the physical books – although even those should be offered at price cost out of love and respect for all seekers of truth !!

      But what about the young people who have no money .. who perhaps come from not so developed countries, who have a sincere open heart and thirst for the truth ?!

      Dont they deserve to drink the masters words without being charged ?!

      Why so many bloodsuckers feeding of innocent seekers in the name of truth ?! Feeding of buddhas words ?!

      Even the masters said what they share in words or otherwise they can not say it belongs to them… they are only vehicles .. they come from source which belongs to everybody regardless of race budget and otherwise !!

      No, john in romania i could not find many books of master omraam and beinsa dunou !!

      And to buy them out of country is really expensive…

      Yes i did buy some books because i could not find pdf files…

      I ws lucky to afford sometimes… but still why is truth being charged ?!

      Why are these centers feeding off the thirst of innocent seekers ?!

      Young seekers dont have and dont care about money …

      And some people say these centers that publish these books by the masters have to sustain in this way …

      Why not share the love of masters freely like they did and instead find creative ways of sustaining themselves ( through music, painting, food etc ) and volunteering..

      We are also reminded by jesus in the temple throwing the merchants out for making money in the name of the father …. so this is not sonething new … trading truth for money

      What im trying to say is if this is really supposed to be the new age of light of white brotherhood of man we should support our fellow travellers and not exploit them ..

      we should spread wide and free the words of the pure ones so that finally all dark corners become iluminated !!

      Again john this is not about you…

      It is about me trying since 1 year to get books or files by master dunou and omraam and managing really poorly .. to say so…

      Although all seekers of truth are rich !! New generations of young people dont give a hoot about money in respect of inner !! Yes ouside is needed and useful but only outside !!
      Insude drinks only beauty harmony and truth …

      Thank you again for your work !!

      • John August 16, 2018 at 9:15 pm - Reply

        Yes Roxana, we feel the same as you, which is why the Master’s biography is free to download on our website. Thanks of course to the generosity of Louise-Marie Frenette, the author, who spent many years with the Master as well as in Bulgaria after his passing. We hope to bring more ebooks in the months to come.

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    Thank you for your love <3

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