On drugs and herbal stimulants, Part 3/6

The use of drugs is more and more widespread today. People try to escape from the insipid monotony of their everyday lives with the help of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and opium. These drugs produce certain sensations of clairvoyance, clairaudience and so on which give the user the illusion of having reached a higher state of consciousness.

But it is only an illusion. In the long run they lose even their ordinary intellectual faculties and ruin their health. Although these drugs have been used for hundreds of years in the East and in South America they are obviously inadvisable. They are extremely harmful to the nervous system.

Hindus and Tibetans know a great deal about plants; the science has been handed down from one generation to the next for thousands of years. If you eat certain plants, apparently, they will enable you to survive for weeks without food, others will enable you to spend days and nights in the snows of the Himalayas without suffering from the cold.

There are also certain very potent herbal preparations which can be used to produce visions or astral projection. There are books about witches in the Middle Ages who knew the secret of certain ointments or salves with which they smeared their bodies before taking part in the Sabbath. In fact it was not their physical bodies which took part in the Sabbath but their astral bodies.

A few doctors have managed to get hold of some of these recipes and experimented with them, and they have found that the phenomena they describe are absolutely authentic. These ointments contained certain stimulants capable of inducing astral projection.

But these products are often extremely dangerous. For this reason I advise you never to use them. The best method is to seek the sensations of fulfilment, freedom, buoyancy, joy and delight that you yearn for by purely spiritual means.

True disciples don’t rely on external props, they know that God has placed all they need within them: gold and every other gift of nature. All the products of all the laboratories and pharmaceutical companies of the world exist in abundance within themselves. All they have to do is fetch them out and use them. Wouldn’t it be a pity if you spent ten or twenty years in an initiatic School without ever learning to exploit your inner resources?

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

To be continued…

Izvor Book 219, Man’s Subtle Bodies and Centres
Chapter 1 Human Evolution and the Development of The Spiritual Organs

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