Opening our Spiritual Eyes

Sometimes someone will say, ‘Open your eyes!’ But this is a manner of speaking because your eyes were already open. What do they mean? What eyes are they talking about? There are other eyes which see more clearly, which have a far deeper, more spiritual vision. The eyes of your physical body may be open, but you possess other eyes and they are still shut. From time to time, however, one realizes that they do exist and that it is possible to open them.

In order to open one’s spiritual eyes, the eyes which see the subtler aspects of reality, one has to close one’s physical eyes. But then, at other moments the exact opposite is true: when you close your physical eyes your spiritual eyes close too, and when you open your physical eyes you open your spiritual eyes at the same time. So you see, there are some very subtle distinctions to be made here, and little by little you will begin to distinguish them more clearly and use them in your daily lives.

Westerners have honed the life of the five senses to a high degree of perfection and they are convinced that that is the way to know all there is to know and to attain happiness. They know a great deal, that’s true, and they experience a wide variety of sensations, but their five senses devour every drop of psychic energy so that they have none left for the spiritual dimension.

In the West, people live too much in their physical sensations; they have no energy to spare for the cultivation of other faculties. Too many sensations. ‘At least we’re alive.’ you might say. Yes, to be sure, you’re alive. But it’s a life which conceals the true life. It is important that you understand this and that you eliminate from your lives many different sensations which prevent you from perceiving things as they really are.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

To be continued…

Izvor Book 219, Man’s Subtle Bodies and Centres
Chapter 1 Human Evolution and the Development of The Spiritual Organs

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