Optimism or pessimism – indicators of one’s philosophy

Optimists consider new projects enthusiastically –
During the course of a day we meet different people. While some people only dwell on what is going badly and what, according to them, will continue to go badly or even worse, others only notice and remember what is good and encouraging and continue on their way exclaiming: ‘How beautiful life is!’ So we call some people pessimists and others optimists.

For pessimists, the whole year is filled only with cloudy and rainy days, with, they will grudgingly admit, a few rays of sunlight. For optimists on the other hand, they only see sunny days interrupted by occasional beneficial rainfalls. After due consideration, they accept projects enthusiastically, leap over any objections that might be raised and immediately see the project as successfully completed to the greatest satisfaction of everyone.

Pessimism can lead to selfishness and even hardness, and also to laziness. Yes, since the pessimist is convinced there is nothing to be done to improve the situation, they become lazy, except when it comes to explaining all the good reasons they have for being pessimistic; then their tongue is extremely active!

Whereas those who are driven by spiritual needs always feel supported. By aspiring to a higher life, they have constantly woven connections with the divine world, and these connections produce secret vibrations within them. So, optimism and pessimism should not be seen just as a question of temperament; they imply a true philosophy.

In an initiatic school, there should never be pessimists. So, be aware that if you are pessimistic, it means that within you have not yet taken the right direction, your feet have not yet stepped firmly onto the path of spiritual science, for from the threshold of this science, you should have discerned that the true future of human beings is light, beauty, joy and fulfilment of their soul.

Along the way, of course, you will come across difficulties, you will be confronted with obstacles, and so, in order to overcome them, you should not lose sight of your goal but instead delight in the anticipation of this joy awaiting you. Only the consciousness of our divine predestination enables us to keep hope alive…”

Izvor Book 204, The Laughter of a Sage

Chapter 1, The Sage Lives in Hope

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