Our aura can attract invisible beings, Part 5/7

The world is like an ocean and we are little boats sailing through the night. We are in utter darkness and, if we don’t switch on a light of some kind, invisible beings, Angels and Archangels, won’t see us. So we have to send out beams of light, and it is our aura which does this. Someone who has a very luminous aura, therefore, can be seen by those who work in the heavenly spheres and, if they call on these beings for help, they can find them at once, thanks to the light of their aura.

This, too, is no more than an image for, as you can well imagine, if the angelic spirits want to find someone, they have more than one way of doing so! The world has always been described as a vale of tears, suffering and darkness. Yes, and is it surprising that nobody notices or comes to their rescue when human beings groan and cry out in pain and curse their fate? Why? – they don’t produce any light! They must send out signals of light, and the aura is the instrument that they should use to do so.

Why do you suppose that saints have always been portrayed with halos round their heads? There was once a highly developed science of colour which taught that each virtue was expressed by a particular colour and that the colours produced by these virtues formed the aura. Saints are beings of great purity whose overriding desire is to draw closer to God and to melt into Him in order to know and resemble Him.

Thanks to this burning desire to know God, they acquire such deep insight and such great wisdom, that a golden yellow light springs from their innermost being and enfolds them in its glory. There are many different shades of yellow, ranging from the palest, most delicate tints to a strong golden yellow. Each shade and tint has its own special meaning and a great deal could be said about this, for it touches on the alchemical problem of how to transform matter into fluidic gold.

If disciples fail to protect themselves by cultivating certain inner qualities and virtues, enemies will steal into them and they will be unable to get rid of them. How can we protect ourselves? By working to develop the purity, brightness, beauty, power and magnitude of our aura. Each of these aspects depends on the virtues we cultivate.

If someone is pure, their aura becomes limpid and transparent; if they are intelligent, it becomes brighter and more luminous; if they live with great intensity, their aura will also vibrate with intensity; if they have developed their will-power, it becomes very powerful, and if they concentrate all their energies on spiritual things, their aura expands and grows and becomes immense. And the beauty of the aura, the beauty of its colours, depends on the harmony which reigns amongst their different qualities and virtues.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Les Monts-de-Pully (Switzerland) 22 May 1960

Compete Works Volume 6, Harmony
Chapter 12. The Aura

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