Practices – Gratitude is a secret force

Thank you dear friends for responding to our request for feedback, and for all your good wishes. It is a joy for us to hear that you enjoy reading the Master’s teaching!

We had a number of requests for methods and practices, which the Master always recommended should be a part of our daily lives.

So here are some simple practices, and below is a series of posts covering morning and evening.

Learn to say thank you
“Human beings are constantly ungrateful not only to God but also to nature and to each other. They do not know that gratitude is a secret force capable of cleansing them and neutralizing the poisons in their bodies.

Try this exercise: all day long, keep repeating the words: ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.’ You will object that you will be wasting your time. On the contrary; this is the most useful thing you can ever do with it.

The first thing disciples have to do if they want to reach perfection is to learn to be grateful; this is the key to the transformation of matter—their own matter.”

In the Evening
“Each morning is linked to the evening before, and each evening is linked to the morning that follows, and both must be prepared in advance. It is very important not to go to bed in the evening without preparation, for during the night, you will journey into the presence of very elevated, luminous beings in the other world. So you must cleanse and purify yourself and prepare for the voyage.”

Evening ablutions
“You must wash, of course, before going to bed, but not your face, for you can demagnetize yourself by washing away the beneficial, protective fluids. If you have been doing some very dirty work you can sponge your face with a damp sponge or face-cloth, but do not wash it in running water. Wash your body and your hands and feet, but not your face. In fact, as far as your feet are concerned, it is recommended to wash them in water as hot as you can bear, for a foot-bath has a very beneficial effect on the solar plexus.

You do not have to keep your feet in water for long, but wash them consciously, and talk to them as you are washing them. ‘Dear feet, I’m afraid I never pay much attention to you, and yet you constantly bear my weight and take me wherever I want to go. I’m just beginning to understand how well you serve me. From now on I shall be more grateful for all your patience and humility.’”

Here the Master suggests some morning and evening practices to introduce into our daily lives.

We wish you a beautiful weekend and a wonderful year ahead. Please let us know if ou have any question about the practices!

Many other practices and prayers will be found in this book.
Complete Works Vol. 13, A New Earth – Methods, Exercises, Formulas and Prayers


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