Preparing a Talisman, Part 3/4

Those who prepare a talisman must be conscious of the laws of correspondence between physical objects and the stars, energies, and invisible beings. The mage prepares an object which, thanks to the metals of which it is formed, to the signs and characters which it bears, can absorb and retain energies.

It creates a bond with invisible entities so that it becomes a source of influences, good or bad, harmonious or disharmonious. But the white mage only prepares talismans capable of producing good influences. The work of the mage is in fact identical to that of Nature, which fills stones, plants, animals, and even people, with a particular essence that can be tapped. Yes, we can use the presence of natural energies in all things, but we must be conscious of the laws and never use these energies for personal interest.

The word talisman comes from the Greek ‘telesma’. Telesma is the term used by Hermes Trismegistus when he speaks of ‘the strongest force of all the forces,’ and of which he says, ‘the sun is its father, the moon is its mother, the wind has carried it in its womb, and the earth is its nurse.’

Some call this force ‘prana,’ ‘electricity,’ ‘astral light,’ etc. There are many names. But ‘telesma’ is the force that comes from the sun, which imbues objects and which they can retain and radiate.

Among the pentacles is ‘the magic square.’ It is a disc of metal on which is engraved a grid, and in each cell of this grid is written a number. The initiates understood that each planet corresponds to a constructed pentacle for which we know the exact number of divisions and signs to be engraved. For Saturn, for example, we need three divisions, for Jupiter four, for Mars five, six for the Sun, seven for Venus, eight for Mercury, and nine for the Moon.

For each planet, the pentacle must be engraved on the metal that corresponds to it, and carry on its back an image related to the planet.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Paris, December 17, 1938

To be continued…

Compete Works Volume 4, The Mustard Seed
Chapter 2 The White Stone

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