To reach your Higher Self – use the concrete language of the physical world…

In a spiritual teaching, you are asked to excel yourself, to surpass yourself. Of course, this is just a manner of speaking, for you cannot distance yourself from yourself; everything is inside you. What you must do is raise your consciousness to attain higher levels. When you feel as if you have been projected into heaven, as far as the stars, and come into contact with divine light, what you have really done is go further, higher – you could even say deeper – within yourself. What you have attained is your higher Self, and it is within this higher Self that you will find the potential to create new, purer, more harmonious forms.

In order to express the realities of the spiritual world, we need to use the concrete language of the physical world, as though we are talking about spatial distances and volumes. But in reality, everything takes place within us, in our higher Self, our divine Self.

Izvor Book 224, The Powers of Thought

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