Rebuild our Spiritual Body and Return to Paradise, Part 2/3

All religions have this tradition of the Fall of Man-
The story of Adam and Eve is re-enacted in every man and every woman who severs their link with God. The secret of true life is this link with God; this is what holds the edifice together. In order to become truly constructive, the positive and negative principles within each one of us must be dedicated to the divine Cause.

The only goal of Initiation is to give humans the capacity to rebuild their spiritual body, thanks to which they can return to that etheric earth that we call Paradise. This is a very important question, therefore. Perhaps you will say, ‘Why do we have to keep learning things and exerting ourselves? Why do we always have to make sacrifices? We can live perfectly well on earth without all that!’ True, you can always live on earth without exerting yourself, but the question is: on what earth? That is what matters. If we want to return to the etheric earth from which we were expelled, we are going to have to rebuild our spiritual body.

In the past, when humans still lived in their spiritual body, the whole of nature obeyed them and the animals neither feared nor harmed them. All creatures held them in respect because of the light that shone from them, from their face and their whole body. But, in losing that light, they also lost their power over nature. All religions, even the most primitive, have this tradition of the fall of man followed by his redemption and return to the bosom of the Father.

When the majority of humans are conscious of these truths, evil will be swept away
Things will continue to be difficult until the earth has been swept clean and purified, thanks to an ever increasing number of God’s children who are conscious of these truths and whose hearts and souls are aflame with the divine ideal of doing the will of their Heavenly Father. Such power will emanate from these children of God that all evil, all the poison that floats in the air and saturates the waters, the rocks and mountains, the whole planet—all that evil will be swallowed up and absorbed into the centre of the earth.

Once the earth belongs to a majority of God’s children everything will be different. Those with evil designs will meet with such a climate of opposition that their schemes will necessarily fail. It will be as though they tried to blow something up with damp gunpowder; the dampness prevents it from exploding. Evil intentions, in other words, will not have the conditions necessary for success, whereas anyone who attempts to do something divine will instantly succeed.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

To be continued…

Complete Works Volume 32, The Fruits of the Tree of Life – The Cabbalistic Tradition
Chapter 6, The Fall and Redemption of Man

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