By rejecting reincarnation, Christianity confuses people

‘By rejecting the idea of reincarnation, Christianity prevents people from understanding how divine justice operates. So it should not come as a surprise when things don’t seem to make sense: when you do not see the deeper reason for situations and events. They are impossible to understand and you come to the conclusion that injustice reigns overall. In the face of suffering and unhappiness, Christians say, ‘It is God’s will.’ They themselves – strangely enough – have done nothing to bring these misfortunes upon themselves. They aren’t responsible for anything, it is the Lord doing as he pleases, and what pleases him does not seem to be based on any kind of justice.

By rejecting reincarnation, Christianity has misled people. Because with reincarnation everything makes sense: we understand how the law of cause and effect manifests from one life to the next. No longer is the Lord dispensing good and evil without our ever knowing why; human beings create their own destiny. And so God remains in his greatness, his splendour, his perfection and, above all, his justice.

The least God could do would be to leave humans alone; but no, he sends them to hell for all eternity. That astounds me. For how many years did they sin, thirty, or forty? Well, let them remain in hell for forty years: no more. But for all eternity? No, I can’t go along with that. Just think about it. Use your reason. Ah, but people don’t reason; they don’t dare to think; their minds are paralysed by what they have been taught.

God is most generous and most tolerant, he lets us do as we wish, he says to Himself, ‘Well, they will suffer and run into trouble, but it doesn’t matter, I will always have plenty of love and plenty of everything to give them when they are ready for it. They have enough reincarnations ahead in which to learn!’

Christians believed in reincarnation until the Council of Nicea in the fourth century, as did the Jews, Egyptians, Indians, Tibetans, etc. But the Church Fathers said to themselves that this belief gave people too much time, they were improving too slowly, and if the idea of reincarnation was eliminated they would make more rapid progress for they would think that they had only one life in which to become perfect! Gradually the Church invented more and more horrors in order to frighten people into obedience, so that by the Middle Ages all they believed in was devils, Hell and everlasting damnation!

Belief in reincarnation was abolished so that fear and dread would force people to live better lives, but the result was that not only did they not improve, they became worse and worse – and ignorant to boot! We must get back to this belief. Without it nothing is true, nothing in life makes sense, God is a monster of cruelty. The question of reincarnation has been dealt with seriously and scientifically and I don’t intend to discuss it further. There are enough books about every aspect including the way in which the Lamas of Tibet choose a new Dalai Lama.’ Read more and watch the video.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,

Izvor Book 202, Man, Master of his Destiny
Chapter 8, Reincarnation
Complete Works 12, Cosmic Moral Law
Chapter 8, Reincarnation


  1. Brian Hyde April 20, 2016 at 8:28 am - Reply

    Interesting. Please, what is the evidence that the early Christian church believed in reincarnation?

    • JohnU April 20, 2016 at 11:07 pm - Reply

      Hello Brian, I quote; “One could talk endlessly about the Tibetan, Hindu and Egyptian notions of reincarnation and all their practices and experiments in this area. But what I want to do today is simply to interpret a few passages from the Gospels to prove to you that Jesus himself knew and accepted the fact of reincarnation. You will probably declare that you have read the Gospels through and through and have never come across the word ‘reincarnation’, and to that I can only answer that there was no reason to mention it explicitly since, in those days, everyone took it for granted.”

      We will post an extract that we hope will answer this question more fully. It is covered in a lecture contained in Chapter 8 of Izvor Book 202, Man Master of his Destiny, as well as in Complete Works volume 12.

    • JohnU April 22, 2016 at 11:05 pm - Reply

      Dear friends, here is a link to a post that answers this question about reincarnation more fully.

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