Respiration, melting into the Harmony of the Cosmos

– How to melt into the Harmony of the Cosmos
“Those who know how to harmonize their being with the respiration of the cosmos enter into the sphere of divine consciousness. But so many of you are still very far from understanding the spiritual dimension of respiration! If you were sensitive to that dimension, you would work all your lives long to breathe in the strength and light of God and breathe out that light again to the whole world.
For to breathe out is also this: to distribute the light of God that one has drawn into oneself.

By studying respiration and its relationship to the rhythms of the universe, Initiates have found that, in order to communicate with a particular region of the spiritual world, man has to choose the appropriate rhythm, make it his own and use it as a key to establish contact, exactly as one can tune a radio to a particular station if one knows the right wavelength. The wavelength is an essential factor in making contact with a particular broadcasting station and the same is true of breathing: you have to know what rhythm to adjust to, in order to make contact with a particular region of the universe.

In this way, respiration can unravel great mysteries for you, but only if you accompany it with some mental work.

To breathe in and breathe out… breathe in and breathe out… in and out… There is a link between respiration and every manifestation of the spiritual life. Meditation is a respiration; prayer is a respiration; ecstasy is a respiration; every form of communication with Heaven is a respiration, and your physical breathing reveals the intensity of that exchange.


Now, one of the very best exercises you can do – and I advise you to get into the habit of doing it every day, several times a day – is to breathe light. Pick a quiet spot where no one will disturb you, sit down in a comfortable position and breathe: imagine that you are inhaling cosmic light, the light thatis even subtler, indefinitely subtler than sunlight; that intangible, invisible, quintessential light that permeates all creation.

Let this light soak into the depths of your being and flow through all your cells and all the organs of your body. Then, as you breathe out, draw it up and project it outwards to enlighten, illuminate and help every single creature in the world.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor 225, Harmony and Health,


  1. Avay Kumar Dash April 4, 2017 at 11:40 am - Reply

    Very appropriately told. All gods worship breath (Prana-Elan Vital). Prana/Breath can lead you there where no-thought (Pure Consciousness) exists.

    • John April 4, 2017 at 7:28 pm - Reply

      Thank you dear Avay, we are glad this thought resonated with you, and hope you find more in Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov’s teaching. Every blessing 🙂

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