Rising with the sun

With your thought, you can lift the sun, it will lift you in return and you will become light like balloons, because your desire will reflect in the sun. In order to do that, you should look at the bottom of the solar disk, since we always choose the lowest point to lift an object. So you look at the bottom of the disk, you make internal efforts to raise it, and you’ll see it climb, quickly, quickly. It is an illusion of course, but what a joy, what an expansion you will feel and what an unspeakable inspiration! The sun will stop. Look again at the bottom, it will rise…

If you’re too tense, stop the exercise for a moment, close your eyes and relax. You will then feel extremely good, relaxed, refreshed. This little thing, this illusion has reflected on you. When you see the sun rising very quickly, it brings a wonderful enlightenment within you. This is an excellent exercise for disciples who want to rise. The bottom of the disk is the lowest perspective. By lifting the solar disk, you yourself will rise to a higher point of view.

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