The only science worth studying, Part 3/4

I have always maintained that the only science worth studying in depth is the science of human nature. Yes, at the centre of everything should be this science, and all the other sciences—physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, and so on—should be at its service.

You will say, ‘But surely anatomy and physiology are valuable fields of study?’ Yes, they are a necessary foundation, but they do not concern the whole human being; only the physical framework. You would be seriously misguided to study a car in the belief that you were studying the person driving it.

Human beings contain all the sciences within themselves
And this is exactly what human beings are doing: they talk about the car as though it were its owner. No, the body of the car is not the owner of the car; you are going to have to look for them elsewhere. With such a mindset human beings cannot blossom and manifest themselves as they truly are.

Henceforth, all this must change, and the whole human being—including the Godhead within—must be at the centre of all our study and research; and the other sciences, instead of being seen as independent disciplines, must contribute to this central science. For human beings are in fact the synthesis of all that exists; they contain all sciences within themselves.

For years I searched for the central point
Once scientists adopt this changed point of view the world itself will be transformed; for instead of giving priority to what is no more than a lifeless and inert shell, they will give it to what is alive, to life itself. And I assure you that when the kingdom of God comes, even poets will shut up shop, for the lives of human beings will be so poetic, so full of wonder, that they will have no time to waste on books of poetry. Yes, poets will have nothing more to say because everybody will live in a state of true poetry.

There is so much more I should like to tell you, but today I want to insist on this one thing, this point of view, which alone is capable of restoring everything to its rightful place. For years and years I studied and searched for the central point that brings everything together, and I found it: it is mankind.

Once human beings know this, everything will change, what is important and what is not
Human beings still need to be enlightened, they still need to know their true nature, but once they know themselves the attitude of scholars and students of all disciplines—medicine, education, economics, religion, politics, and so on—will have to change. And not only their attitude but their behaviour, and the way they work as well.

Yes, they will be forced to change because the centre will have changed. Once the centre is restored to its rightful place, once all human beings begin to know themselves and to know what is important and what is not, the rest will revolve around this divine centre within, and all other problems will be easily resolved.

The secret of order, health and happiness
This is why I always insist so much on the divine centre within, for the organization of all the cells and particles of our being depends on this centre; it is the focal point around which they must revolve. This then is the secret: to gather up all the various elements that fly off in different directions and bring them back into orbit around this centre, like planets around the sun.

Only when there is a centre, a hub around which each element slips into place and follows its own orbit without conflict or interference with others, can we speak of order, health and happiness; only then can we speak of the kingdom of God.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

To be continued…

Complete Works Volume 26, A New Dawn, Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science
Chapter 5, The Kingdom of God

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