The pace of scientific discovery is creating insecurity and doubt

‘The pace of scientific discoveries has been gathering speed, and with these discoveries doubt began to creep in. During the 20th Century, particularly, a great number of scientific convictions were swept away and supplanted by others. In the fields of physics, astronomy, and biology, for instance, each generation seems to have called into question the attainments of their predecessors.

Our conception of the universe has been modified

But whenever a new theory modified the foundations of our understanding of humankind and the universe, our conception of the God who created human beings and the universe was also modified. Religion, to which human beings had always turned for answers to all their questions, could no longer give them what they needed.

We are not inclined to believe that any absolute truths exist

The rapid proliferation of discoveries and theories – there is no need to mention specifics, you all know them – have contributed to creating a climate of uncertainty so that today no one is sure of anything anymore. Since people are always expecting some new theory to turn up, they are less and less inclined to believe that any absolute truths exist.

They say, ‘Let’s wait and see… there is more to come.’ And this mentality is rapidly gaining ground in every domain.

As a result people are drifting

This, then, is the source of the malaise of modern human beings: they are no longer sure which world they are living in. As they can be sure of nothing they drift in different directions, always looking for something, but with no clear idea of what they are looking for. Indeed, uncertainty even reigns in the field of science itself, the area that was once the most secure.

So it is not surprising that people have begun to doubt moral, religious, or spiritual notions which are not based on objective criteria and which may even conflict with some scientific ‘discoveries’?’

To be continued…

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 239, Love Greater than Faith
Chapter 1, The Uncertainties of Modern Man

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